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April 2012 (5 years ago)

New music releases: "Cruise" - Florida Georgia Line; "Starships" - Nicki Minaj; "Whistle" - Flo Rida; "Mercy" - Kanye West
May 2012 Uncut May 2012 Uncut

On the 2nd, the May issue of Uncut hits the newsstands featuring an interview with Pete Townshend giving his memories of various Who albums. On a personal note, he admits to having been on the receiving end of oral services in "gay situations" but declares his predilections are "heterosexual".

On the 4th, the cybergroup Anonymous hacks Chinese Government websites. Their onscreen message is backed by a recording of "Baba O'Riley".

On the 8th, Who manager Bill Curbishley tells the Sunday Times that he had been approached by organizers of the 2012 London Olympics to see if The Who would play at the end of the Games. They also specifically asked if Keith Moon could appear with them. Curbishley's response: "'If they have a round table, some glasses and candles, we might contact him."

The group Freq. Magnet puts out their album Nicked. The final track is "Derierre Des Il Bleu", a slowed-down cover of "Behind Blue Eyes". Another group, The Poormouth, releases the EP Extended Player with a cover of "Early Morning Cold Taxi".

On the 19th, Japanese record sellers list an upcoming release The Who Live At Budokan from the band's 2008 appearance. The Who change their minds and the release is cancelled.

Quadrophenia Demos 2 Quadrophenia Demos 2

On the 20th, it's Record Store Day. Pete releases a Quadrophenia Demos 2 EP on vinyl in the U.S. and a double disc of Quadrophenia Demos in the U.K.

On the 23rd, Roger Daltrey and his solo band take their performance of Tommy to Japan with appearances at the International Forum in Tokyo on the 23rd and 24th, Kenmin Hall in Kanagawa on the 27th, Archaic Hall in Osaka on the 28th, and Shi Kokaido in Nagoya on the 30th.

April 2007 (10 years ago)

New music releases: The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne; Waking Up Laughing - Martina McBride; A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection - Alison Krauss; Year Zero - Nine Inch Nails

On the 2nd, a video is released on YouTube of a group of British old-age pensioners performing "My Generation". Called "The Zimmers" their lead singer is Alfie Carretta who is 90-years old at the time and who finishes the song by kicking over the drumkit. The YouTube video ends up getting over six million views. The idea came from a BBC documentary filmmaker who wanted to draw attention to his BBC specials on the isolation of the elderly. Profits from a single release go to the charity Age Concern.

Pete Townshend 2007 Method launch

On the 25th, Pete Townshend holds a media event at his Oceanic Studios in London to unveil a computer software program that will enable fans to compose personalized music tracks at the click of a button. "You can put data in and get a piece of music out. It's as simple as that." Based on an idea Pete had in 1970 that was the partial basis of his Lifehouse concept, the "Method" software was developed by mathematician/composer Lawrence Ball and software developer Dave Snowdon.

On the 29th, Pete writes a piece on photographer Colin Jones for The Times.

April 2002 (15 years ago)

New album releases: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems - Kenny Chesney; Ashanti - Ashanti; Hood Rich - Big Tymers; C'mon C'mon - Sheryl Crow
The Who 1997 rider The Who 1997 rider

On the 1st, the website The Smoking Gun posts the backstage requirements for The Who during their 1996 North American tour.

On the 5th, Roger Daltrey attends Paul McCartney's concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Roger Daltrey Sunday Times 1997 Roger Daltrey Sunday Times 1997

On the 7th, The Sunday Times Home section has Roger on the cover in front of his own home.

Paul Chapman's Ghost Paul Chapman's Ghost

On the 18th, The CD Paul Chapman's Ghost by Paul Chapman is released featuring a cover of "Baba O'Riley."

On the 24th, an interview with Pete Townshend about Scooped and the re-release of My Generation appears in ICE magazine.

Roger Daltrey That 70s Show Roger Daltrey That 70s Show

On the 30th, Roger plays Mr. Wilkinson, a high school music teacher, on the 100th episode of That 70's Show. The series was originally to have been called either "Teenage Wasteland" or "The Kids Are Alright" but Pete refused to sell the rights to either name.

April 1997 (20 years ago)

New album releases: Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind; Share My World - Mary J. Blige; Carrying Your Love With Me - George Strait; Pure Moods - Various Artists

On the 14th, Fatboy Slim releases the single "Going Out Of My Head" which samples Yvonne Elliman's cover of "I Can't Explain." On the first issues, Pete is not credited as co-author, a problem corrected after Pete threatens a lawsuit.

Also on the 14th, an interview with Pete about the Quadrophenia tour appears in the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

On the 15th, advance copies of Flipp's new CD Flipp are released containing the cover of "My Generation" that got the band its record deal. They are pulled and another song is substituted after Pete denies permission.

On the 21st, Roger Daltrey again plays Hugh Fitzcairn on Highlander: The Series in an episode called "The Stone Of Scone."

John Entwistle Stockholm 1997 John Entwistle Stockholm 1997

On the 23rd, The Who take their multi-media Quadrophenia show to the Continent, playing the Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 23rd, the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden on the 25th, the Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway on the 26th, the Ostseehalle in Kiel, Germany on the 28th and the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin on the 29th.

April 1992 (25 years ago)

New album releases: Greatest Hits - ZZ Top; Check Your Head - The Beastie Boys; Diva - Annie Lennox; Confederate Railroad - Confederate Railroad

The Breeders release their CD EP Safari with a cover of "So Sad About Us."

On the 20th, Roger performs "I Want It All" with the surviving members of Queen at the Freddie Mercury Memorial Concert at Wembley Stadium.

Roger Daltrey & Queen - I Want It All 1992 by IvorTheEngineDriver

April 1987 (30 years ago)

New album releases: Whitesnake - Whitesnake; Tango in the Night - Fleetwood Mac; One Voice - Barbra Streisand; Solitude Standing - Suzanne Vega

On the 1st, John Entwistle is the musical director and plays bass for some of the acts as part of an all-star AIDS benefit concert at Wembley Stadium on World AIDS Day. It is subsequently released on video as Stand By Me: AIDS Day Benefit.

Roger Daltrey The Hunting of the Snark Roger Daltrey The Hunting of the Snark

Also on the 1st, Roger plays The Barrister in a live version of Mike Batt's The Hunting Of The Snark that is taped for later broadcast. It is a Royal charity gala concert to aid the British Deaf Association and is attended by the Duchess Of York.

Two's Missing Two's Missing

On the 11th, the Who rarities collection Two's Missing is released. It is the first Who album since The Who Sings My Generation that fails to chart on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 albums.

Starting this month, Pete moves to Cornwall to begin writing the lyrics for the musical version of Ted Hughes' novel The Iron Man: A Children's Story in Five Nights.

The Secret of My Success The Secret of My Success

On the 24th, the movie The Secret Of My Succe$s is released. The soundtrack features "The Price Of Love" performed by Roger.

On the 25th, New Musical Express prints a letter sent to Roger that reads: "Dear Mr. Daltrey, seeing as Keith Moon is dead, could you possibly give me his old drum kit? Also, if any of your smashed-up guitars are still intact, could I have them please? We are trying to set up a band but don't have any money. Yours sincerely, Mark, Leeds."

April 1982 (35 years ago)

New album releases: American Fool - John Cougar; Diver Down - Van Halen; Toto IV - Toto; Tug of War - Paul McCartney
Martyrs And Madmen US 45 Martyrs And Madmen US 45

Roger releases "Martyrs and Madmen" backed with "Avenging Annie" in the U.S. and Canada from his recent best-of Best Bits. It fails to chart.

Elton John Jump Up LP Elton John Jump Up LP

Elton John's album Jump Up is released featuring Pete Townshend on acoustic guitar for the song "Ball And Chain."

The Who Ivor Novello 1982

On the 29th, The Who is honored for its Outstanding Contribution To British Music at the 27th annual Ivor Novello Awards held at London's Grosvenor House Hotel.

April 1977 (40 years ago)

New album releases: Ask Rufus - Rufus featuring Chaka Khan; Ol' Waylon - Waylon Jennings; Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins; Let It Flow - Dave Mason
Pub Bans Moon for Sex Frolic Pub Bans Moon for Sex Frolic

Around the 19th, the day after Keith leaves Cedars-Sinai Hospital where he had been undergoing treatment for his alcoholism and drug abuse, he is kicked out of Ye Olde King's Head pub in Santa Monica after "simulating the act of intercourse" with a girl on the barroom floor. Prior to this he had ripped the sink out of the wall in the men's bathroom. On the 22nd, Keith checks back into Cedars-Sinai.

Punk Roger Punk Roger

On the 21st, A promotional film of the title song for Roger's solo album One Of The Boys is shot this day and the next around West London, directed by Tony Klinger. Roger plays a Teddy Boy, a Hell's Angel, a skinhead, and a punk rocker. It is shown that summer in the U.S. before certain shows of Star Wars.

Written On The Wind picture sleeve Written On The Wind picture sleeve

On the 22nd, the first single from the One of The Boys album, "Written on the Wind" backed with "Dear John," is released in Europe. The delicate ballad, released just as punk rock becomes the rage in the U.K., stalls at #46 in the charts. The song will be dropped for the North American and Dutch release of the album.

On the 29th, Pete plays "Layla" and "Crossroads" with Eric Clapton at The Rainbow in Finsbury Park, London.

April 1972 (45 years ago)

New album releases: He Touched Me - Elvis Presley; You Don't Mess Around With Jim - Jim Croce; Graham Nash & David Crosby - Crosby & Nash; Live in Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra - Procul Harum
Pete Townshend NME 1 Apr 1872 Pete Townshend NME 1 Apr 1872

On the 1st, New Musical Express prints part one of a long interview with Pete conducted by Chris Van Ness in Denver the previous December. Parts two and three follow on the 8th and 15th.

Creem magazine reports that Pete was stopped for speeding, this time on the Thames in a hovercraft.

Keith Moon vacation Apr 1972 Keith Moon vacation Apr 1972
Photo: David Butler

During this month, Keith vacations on Gibraltar and in Tangiers.

John Entwistle in studio April 1972 John Entwistle in studio April 1972
Photo: Jorgen Angel

John, meanwhile, spends this month and the next recording his second solo album Whistle Rymes at Island Studios, West London while Roger produces the Ellis Group LP Riding On The Crest Of A Slump at Olympic Studios.

Baba O'Riley single 1972 Baba O'Riley single 1972

"Baba O'Riley" is released in continental Europe as a single.

Melody Maker 22 Apr 1972 Melody Maker 22 Apr 1972

On the 22nd, Melody Maker prints an interview with a surprisingly sober Keith. Chris Charlesworth conducts the interview.

Also on the 22nd, "Behind Blue Eyes" backed with "Going Mobile" enters the Dutch charts and peaks at #27.

On the 28th, Keith is on the Thames Television show Today debating the merits of open-air festivals with Tory politicians.

April 1967 (50 years ago)

New records: "Groovin'" - The Young Rascals; "Respect" - Aretha Franklin; "The Happening" - The Supremes; "Release Me" - Engelbert Humperdinck

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd The Who perform their last three days of shows as part of Murray The K's Easter show. The 1st and 2nd shows are at the R.K.O. 58th Street Theater in New York and the 3rd is at the Fox Theater in Brooklyn. After the last show Eric Clapton of the group Cream plans to have a food fight with dozens of eggs and sacks of flour. However, when Murray the K hears about it, he forbids it, so Clapton uses the ingredients to make a thick paste and puts it down every drain he can find in the hotel where he and the Who are staying. Pete's shower backs up and floods his room.

Also on the 1st, Billboard lists "Happy Jack" hitting its German chart peak at #3.

On the 4th, The Who fly back to London and on the 5th go into IBC Studios in London for another recording of "Pictures Of Lily" plus John's song "Doctor Doctor." Additional sessions over the next two days of recording take place at Pye Studio No. 2 where The Who are filmed by a Swedish television crew for later broadcast on Popside.

Village Voice Apr 6 1967 Village Voice Apr 6 1967

On the 6th, Richard Goldstein writes a lengthy article in The Village Voice on The Who's March 28th Murray the K show. He concentrates on the group's interaction with backstage groupies and the "shtick" of their instrument smashing. Of The Who's sound he writes, "Theirs is a toy music, with massive drumming and a vocal that sounds as though somebody's batteries need changing."

On the 7th, mono mixes of "Pictures of Lily" and "Doctor Doctor" are prepared for single release.

Later that day, after Roger is interviewed for BBC's German service, The Who, minus a tardy Keith, fly to Essen, Germany with their Track Records' up-and-coming act John's Children (featuring Marc Bolan on guitar) to serve as opening act. Also accompanying them are Pete's friends Richard Stanley and Chris Morphet, hired to shoot promotional footage of the German tour.

The Who in Billboard Apr 8 1967 The Who in Billboard Apr 8 1967

On the 8th, is a Billboard article: "Who in U.S. to show what, how they play." It contains a photo of The Who with Decca Records executives.

Keith having finally caught up, the Who begin their German tour on the 8th at the Meistersingerhalle in Nurnberg. The tour continues to the Thalia Theater in Wuppertal (9th), the Jaguar Club in Herford (10th) and the Rheinhalle in Dusseldorf (11th).

Violence breaks out before the show on the 11th as Roger has to rescue Keith from some local toughs who want to slam his head through a car window. The toughs show up at the show that evening and Keith and Pete show them what for by chucking their instruments at them.

Also on the 11th, "A Quick One While He's Away (parts 1 and 2)" enters the Swedish Kvällstoppen sales chart, peaking at #20.

The Who German riot 1967 The Who German riot 1967

Violence continues on the show for the 12th at Friedrich-Ebert Halle in Ludwigshaven-am-Rhein but not during the Who's set. This time it's during John's Children's performance as they provoke a riot and almost close the entire show down. John's Children's equipment is confiscated by German authorities and they are quickly deported. The Who, irritated by their antics and their act that left feathers all over the stage, are secretly grateful.

The Who Lowenbrau The Who Lowenbrau
Photo: Devo Hoffman

The next day the Who get a beer buzz visiting the Löwenbräu Brewery in Munich. They are photographed raising a pint by Dezo Hoffman. Hoffman also shoots promotional photos of The Who "playing" in the woods while Stanley and Morphet film their antics.

Filming continues that night (13th) at the Circus Krone-Bau in Munich. Footage of John sitting on his amps while the Who perform is used in the concluding credits of The Kids Are Alright. The following night (14th), the Who play Münsterland Halle in Münster.

On the 15th, Derek Johnson gets a sneak listen to The Who's new single in New Musical Express: "It's a job to get your teeth into the melody at the outset, but the frequently repeated chorus has a quick-to-register tune that you'll all be whistling before long. It's extremely well harmonised, employing falsettos and counterpoint with discretion and subtlety. Add to this The Who's inevitable rumbling, reverberating beat and you've got a disc that's intriguing to say the least. A certain hit!"

Also on the 15th, Billboard reports "Happy Jack" has hit its peak in New Zealand at #7.

The Who 16 Apr 1967 The Who 16 Apr 1967

The 15th sees the Who at the Rhein-Main Halle in Wiesbaden (15th) followed by a double date day on the 16th starting at the Oberschwabenhalle in Ravensburg followed by the Donauhalle in Ulm.

On the 19th, The Who appear on Beat Club to lip-sync to "Pictures Of Lily." A clip of the performance later appears in The Kids Are Alright and in its entirety on the video Who's Better Who's Best. While The Who are on stage, 6,000 DM are stolen from their dressing room.

The Who fly back to England on the 20th and on the 21st, they play an arts festival at The Dome in Brighton along with Cream and The Merseys. In Pete's later recounting of this evening: ""...I drove Eric Clapton and Gustav Metzger...down to Brighton Pavilion where we were playing with Cream; Gustav was doing the lightshow...though he was pleased to have been such a powerful influence he tried to explain that according to his thesis I faced a dilemma; I was supposed to boycott the new commercial pop form itself, attack the very process that allowed me such creative expression, not contribute to it.."

Pictures Of Lily Track 45 Pictures Of Lily Track 45

On the 22nd, "Pictures Of Lily" backed with "Doctor, Doctor" comes out in the U.K. as The Who's first release on their managers' Track Records label. Melody Maker's review calls it, "...a rollicking, rhythmic Pete Townshend composition with a beautiful lyric and his usual cynical edge...Marvelous, muscular music." Despite controversy over the song lyrics implication of masturbation, the single reaches #4 in the U.K. charts.

Also on the 22nd, Melody Maker announces that The Who have been signed to support Herman's Hermits on a U.S. tour that summer. In the meantime, The Who will go back in the studio on the 26th and 28th to record more tracks for their next album to be called "Who's Lily?" One track they list as already recorded is Pete's "Glittering Girl." that will not be officially released until 1995.

The Who ad 25 Apr 1967 The Who ad 25 Apr 1967

The Who play the The Pavillion in Bath on the 24th then go to the Town Hall in High Wycombe on the 25th. On the 26th they tape a mime job of "Pictures Of Lily" for the following night's Top Of The Pops.

During the next week, possibly on the 26th and 28th as stated above, The Who go into De Lane Lea Studios, London to record a planned instrumental-only EP. "Hall of the Mountain King" and "Instrumental-No Title" are recorded and later mixed but unreleased at the time. "Hall of the Mountain King" will come out in 1995 on the revamped The Who Sell Out while "Instrumental-No Title," after appearances under various titles on many bootlegs, will finally be officially released in 2009 as "Sodding About" on The Who Sell Out: Deluxe Edition. It is also possible that The Who record their promos for Coca-Cola during this session.

The Pudding Magic Bus The Pudding Magic Bus

On the 28th, "Magic Bus" is released. Based on Pete's 1965-66 demo, The Pudding release the first recording of Pete's composition on Decca (U.K.) Records. It does not chart. The Who record their version a year later.

Happy Jack US LP Happy Jack US LP

On the 29th, The Who's second album, re-titled Happy Jack, is released in the U.S. "Heatwave" is dropped for the title track and, unlike the mono-only British release, several of the tracks are in true stereo. To celebrate the release TRO, The Who's U.S. song publisher, announces the publication of a special multicolor sheet music edition of the title single.

14-hour Technicolour Dream 14-hour Technicolour Dream

Also the 29th, Pete is a special guest at the "14-Hour Technicolour Dream," a benefit for the underground newspaper International Times, at the Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace) in London. Pete films and records this acid-drenched musical spectacular scouting for new acts for Track Records and discovers a wild new singer named Arthur Brown (Brown says this happened at the UFO Club). He signs up the singer, telling him his discovery makes up for losing the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band to Liberty Records. Pete also plans to have Arthur Brown play Rael in his new rock opera.

The next day The Who travel to Helsinki for their only concert in Finland until 2007. The show takes place at the Ice Hall. Footage of their arrival at the Helsinki airport and a clip of that night's performance of "Substitute" appears on the Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B video.

April 1962 (55 years ago)

New records: "I Can't Stop Loving You" - Ray Charles; "Nut Rocker" - B. Bumble and The Stingers; "Night Train" - James Brown; "Last Night Was Made For Love" - Billy Fury

Rhythm guitarist Peter James leaves The Detours. He is replaced by Reg Bowen. Bowen brings along his radiogram from home and both he and John plug their instruments into it for amplification during shows.

April 1942 (75 years ago)

New records: "Tangerine" - Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra; "Sleepy Lagoon" - Harry James & His Orchestra; "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)" - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
Chris Stamp 12 Nov 1966 Chris Stamp 12 Nov 1966
Photo: Chris Morphet

On the 7th, future Who manager and brother of actor Terence Stamp, Christopher Thomas Stamp is born.

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