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June 2012 (5 years ago)

New music releases: "Payphone" - Maroon 5; "As Long As You Love Me" - Justin Bieber; "I Love It" - Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX; "Home" - Phillip Phillips

On the 11th, two pieces from the orchestral version of Quadrophenia premiere at Queen Elizabeth Hall on London's Southbank. Pete Townshend and Jeff Beck attend to play guitar on "Love Reign O'er Me". Pete's future wife Rachel Fuller provids the arrangements.

On the 15th, an hour-long documentary about the writing and recording of the original album, Quadrophenia: Can You See The Real Me? premieres at the Sheffield Doc/Fest.

Captain Crash vs. the Zzorg Women Parts 5 and 6 Captain Crash vs. the Zzorg Women Parts 5 and 6

On the 20th, thirty-seven years after the release of the Flash Fearlessalbum, Captain Crash vs. the Zzorg Women Parts 5 and 6 has its New York theatrical premiere at the Richmond Shepherd Theater.

On the 22nd, Roger Daltrey pens a length recolection about John Entwistle on the tenth anniversary of his death. "On stage with the Who I often look across and expect to see John standing there scratching the side of his nose and take a resigned deep breath in that characteristically thoughtful way that often presaged a funny story or a blistering bass passage."

Roger Daltrey Paul McCartney Roger Daltrey Paul McCartney
Photo: Richard Young

On the 29th, Roger is one of a host of stars that attend a party celebrating the 80th birthday of Sir Peter Blake. The British Pop Artist assembled The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cover as well as The Who's Face Dances.

June 2007 (10 years ago)

New music releases: Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna; "Don't Stop the Music" - Rihanna; Meet Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana 2 - Miley Cyrus; El Cartel: The Big Boss - Daddy Yankee

The Who, or at least Pete and Roger, were to begin the month with an appearance on the BBC TV show Later... with Jools Holland on the 1st, but they postpone it to save Roger's voice for that night's concert at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea. The White Stripes take their place and sign a big sympathy card for Roger.

The Who Rotterdam 2007 The Who Rotterdam 2007
Photo: Paul Bergen

The Who play one more U.K. date at the Rose Bowl in Southampton on the 2nd, then head over to Rotterdam to play Ahoy on the 5th.

Also on the 5th, Mary Stuart releases her album Compadres featuring a cover of "I Can See For Miles" done bluegrass-style with the Old Crow Medicine Show.

On the 5th, Pete is interviewed about the writing of Endless Wire in Metro International: "Some of them I started in 2002, when John Entwistle was alive, and he always had lots of songs ready. At that time Roger was promising to write songs as well, so I concentrated on trying to produce songs that were arch, dark and extreme - leaving the lighter stuff to John and Roger."

The European Who tour continues on the 6th at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy in Paris followed by the Antwerps Sportpaleis in Antwerp (8th), the Messe Open Air in Fulda, Germany (9th), the Arena di Verona in Verona (11th), the Olympiahalle in Munich (13th), the Völkerschlacht-Denkmal in Leipzig (16th), the Stadtpark in Hamburg (18th) and the König-Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany (19th).

On the 11th, the compilation album The Who Then and Now is re-released in the U.K. with "Summertime Blues" and "Old Red Wine" removed and "Baba O'Riley" and "It's Not Enough" in their place.

Emma Townshend article Emma Townshend article

On the 17th, Emma Townshend, Pete's daughter and gardening columnist for the Independent, pens a long remembrance of her childhood with her dad for her newspaper.

The Who Glastonbury 2007 The Who Glastonbury 2007
Photo: Carl De Souza

On the 23rd, The Who return to the U.K., playing the Knowsley Hall Festival in Liverpool before appearing at the Glastonbury Festival on the 24th. This is followed by two nights at Wembley Arena in London (26th, 27th) then two dates in Ireland at Marley Park, Dublin (29th) and the "Live at the Marquee" Cork Festival in Cork (30th).

June 2002 (15 years ago)

New music releases: Nellyville - Nelly; Let Go - Avril Lavigne; Songs About Jane - Maroon 5; "Hot In Herre" - Nelly

On the 6th, the boxset 30 Years of Maximum R&B receives Gold status from the RIAA.

On the 10th, The Who begin rehearsals for their 2002 North American tour, some of which are carried live on Pete's website. Some fans remark on the fact that John remains seated throughout the webcast rehearsals.

Ultimate Collection US Ultimate Collection US

On the 11th, the U.S. version of The Who's Ultimate Collection is released on CD. It peaks at #31 on the Billboard charts.

David Bowie Heathen David Bowie Heathen

Also on the 11th, David Bowie's new album Heathen is released including the song "Slow Burn" featuring one of the very best Pete Townshend guest guitar performances.

On the 15th, The Who conclude rehearsals playing "Who Are You," "Love Reign O'er Me" and "Bargain." It will be the last time Pete, Roger and John will perform together.

Anyway Anyhow Anywhere: The Complete Chronicle of the Who Anyway Anyhow Anywhere: The Complete Chronicle of the Who

On the 23rd, the first edition of Andy Neill and Matt Kent's exhaustive timeline book Anyway Anyhow Anywhere: The Complete Chronicle of the Who: 1958-1978 is published.

John Entwistle last photo
Photo: James Mac Leod

On the 26th, John arrives at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas where The Who are set to start their 2002 North American tour. He spends the afternoon shopping for Western wear and boots, then spends some time with friend Cy Langston and others at the hotel bar where his last picture is taken. Later that night he retires to Suite 658 with Déjà Vu Showgirls dancer Alison Rowse. John warns her not to let him sleep on his back as so many of his friends have died that way choking on vomit. John dodges that fate but not the heart attack that kills him early in the morning. Alison discovers John has died upon awakening at 10am on the 27th. She tries unsuccessfully to revive him, then calls Cy who arrives at noon and calls the coroner and members of The Who.

A weeping Roger visits Pete and leaves it to him what to do about the tour due to start the next day. After a night's thought, Pete decides to bring in expert session bassist Pino Palladino (White City, Psychoderelict tour and many, many other credits) to replace John and to start the tour by July. The news is almost as shocking to Who fans as John's passing. Journalists and many fans denounce the decision but Pete later explains that he felt the tour had to continue due to the large number of people who would suddenly be without employment if he cancelled the tour.

Flowers at the Hard Rock Flowers at the Hard Rock

Meanwhile grieving fans, some of whom had flown in from distant locations to attend the show, leave flowers and remembrances at the Hard Rock Hotel.

June 1997 (20 years ago)

New music releases: Wu-Tang Forever - Wu-Tang Clan; Love Always - K-Ci & Jojo; "How Do I Live" - LeAnn Rimes; Men In Black: The Album - Various Artists

On the 3rd, the remixed, remastered editions of Face Dances and It's Hard are released in the U.S.

Pete Townshend HOB 1997 Pete Townshend HOB 1997

On the 14th, Pete Townshend performs a charity show for the Maryville Academy for abused children at The House Of Blues in Chicago. Eddie Vedder joins him onstage and the event raises $220,000. Pete was to have played the Mile High Music Festival at Fiddler's Green Amphitheater in Denver but his participation is cancelled.

The King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents John Entwistle The King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents John Entwistle

On the 17th, the CD The King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents John Entwistle is released featuring a live John Entwistle solo show from March 15, 1975.

On the 24th, Roger Daltrey appears on This Morning on British TV promoting the new video of the movie Quadrophenia.

Also on the 24th, the punk compilation album Joe King Presents More Bounce To The Ounce is released with a cover of "The Kids Are Alright" by The Queers.

Michael Bruce In My Own Way Michael Bruce In My Own Way

And again on the 24th, Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper releases an expanded CD of his 1975 solo album In My Own Way. An alternate take of "As Rock Rolls On," has Keith Moon drumming alongside Ricky Fataar. Keith's contribution was recorded in late 1974 at the Record Plant in Los Angeles.

June 1992 (25 years ago)

New album releases: Come On, Come On - Mary Chapin Carpenter; Boomerang/Original Soundtrack Album - Various Artists; The One - Elton John; Singles/Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists
Rocks in the Head Rocks in the Head

On the 7th, Roger's solo album Rocks In The Head is released in the U.S. It does not make the album charts but not for lack of personal promotion. On the 12th, Roger visits Live with Regis and Kathy Lee. On the 19th he performs "Days Of Light" and is interviewed on Late Night With David Letterman.

And on the 22nd sings "Behind Blue Eyes" with The Chieftains on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Roger probably doesn't know that his appearances spark a turf war between Robert Morton with Letterman's show and Jay Leno's agent Helen Kushnick. Her refusal to honor the industry protocol of not booking a guest right after his appearance on another network's talk show is later presented in the book and TV-movie The Late Shift as one of the factors leading to her firing by Jay Leno.

Roger caps his promotional tour by appearing as a special guest at The Chieftains concert at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on the 23rd.

Pete, meanwhile, is in La Jolla, California where he and director Des McAnuff are putting the finishing touches on the Tommy musical.

Bikini Kill Bikini Kill

During the month, the punk group Bikini Kill puts out a self-titled EP with the track "Thurston Hearts The Who".

Cold Justice VHS Cold Justice VHS

On the 25th, Roger's 1989 movie Cold Justice is released on home video.

June 1987 (30 years ago)

New album releases: Tiffany - Tiffany; The Top Ten Hits - Elvis Presley; The Number One Hits - Elvis Presley; La Bamba/Original Soundtrack - Los Lobos et al.

On the 7th, the News Of The World attacks Pete in an editorial because he supports the Labour Party's Wealth Tax.

Guess Who Said No Guess Who Said No

On the 8th, the British press reports that The Who have turned down £16m for an eight-week tour of the U.S., Japan, Australia and three South American countries to start February 1988. Says John: "I've turned down the offers to concentrate on my new group, The Rock. It's all over for The Who. We've all got solo careers now."

Hearts Of Fire UK ad Hearts Of Fire UK ad

"Hearts Of Fire" backed with "Lover's Storm," a single from Roger's forthcoming solo album Can't Wait To See The Movie, is released in the U.K. and Germany. The 12" version adds "Quicksilver Lightning." It does not make the charts.

Pete Townshend Newman check Pete Townshend Newman check

On the 20th, Pete attempts to receive a check from Paul Newman's daughter Nell for £10,000 to be donated to his Double O Charity. Before the awarding is finished, Pete spies press photographers. Saying he thought "there wasn't going to be any fucking pictures" he storms off. Pete later tells Capitol Radio that he doesn't want the charity to get a lot of publicity fearing it will be swamped with requests for aid.

Entwistle NAMM 1987 Entwistle NAMM 1987

On the 30th, John performs at the North American Music Merchandisers trade show at McCormick Place in Chicago.

June 1982 (35 years ago)

New records: Screaming For Vengeance - Judas Priest; Pictures At Eleven - Robert Plant; Still Life - The Rolling Stones; Love Will Turn You Around - Kenny Rogers
Pete Townshend New Musical Express June 1982 Pete Townshend New Musical Express June 1982

On the 4th, Pete fills in Time Out magazine on his two-year drug and alcohol binge and his recent recovery. He provides the same to New Musical Express on the 12th.

During the month Pete puts more of his past behind him, closing his Eel Pie book publishing company.

Also during the month, Pete has a secret meeting with Prince Charles where they discuss plans for the next month's Prince's Trust concert.

The Who, meanwhile are at the Turn-Up-Down Studios located in Glyn Johns' home in Surrey recording It's Hard that will end up being their last studio album for twenty-four years. The sessions are contentious with Roger denouncing the songs as crap and begging Pete to scrap the album. According to Roger, Pete refuses saying, "Too late. It's good enough. That's how we are now."

On the 19th, Billboard runs an ad for Pete's forthcoming solo album featuring the odd title All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes.

June 1977 (40 years ago)

New records: J.T. - James Taylor; 2112 - Rush; Superman - Barbra Streisand; Love Gun - Kiss

Pete records his demo of the song "Who Are You" at his Goring Studio.

Roger Daltrey hologram offer Roger Daltrey hologram offer

On the 11th, Roger's solo album One Of The Boys is released in the U.S. "Written In The Wind" is dropped in favor of "Say It Ain't So Joe." The album also contains an offer for a holographic pendant showing a 3-D bust of Roger. Ira Robbins in Crawdaddy says the LP has more good material than the last two Roger solo albums combined. Records and Recordings says Roger's voice is strong enough to put over weak material while Stephen Holden in Circus says the album never rises above the mediocre. It peaks at #46.

Fabulous Poodles LP Fabulous Poodles LP

John produces The Fabulous Poodles' first LP during this month. He also plays bass on Lonnie Donegan's Puttin' On The Style LP but his contributions are removed, for reasons unknown, before the LP's release.

Keith Moon Led Zeppelin Keith Moon Led Zeppelin

On the 23rd, Keith Moon comes out of seclusion to join Led Zeppelin during an encore at the Los Angeles Forum. While John Bonham drums to "Moby Dick", Keith plays tympani and tambourine.

The same evening, John celebrates the 10th anniversary of his marriage watching The Pirates perform at Dingwall's in the Camden Market, London.

Keith Moon Us Against The World

On the 28th, Keith joins Roger on the UCLA campus to shoot a "Battle of the Network Stars"-style program called US Against The World. Also on their team representing the U.K. are Marty Feldman, Susan George, Oliver Reed and Twiggy. The special airs on NBC Sept. 8th.

June 1972 (45 years ago)

New records: Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits - Simon & Garfunkel; Elvis Live At Madison Square Garden - Elvis Presley; A Song For You - The Carpenters; "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" - The Hollies
Keith Moon Garden Party Keith Moon Garden Party

On the 3rd, Keith Moon emcees a "Garden Party" at the Crystal Palace Bowl in South London. The acts are Joe Cocker, Sha Na Na, Richie Havens, The Beach Boys and Melanie. Keith arrives at the lakeside concert in his mini-hovercraft falling into the water and getting drenched. He later cuts his foot and has to be carried to the hospital but limps back to take final bows.

On the 5th, The Who record "Long Live Rock" at Olympic Studios, London. The song is meant as the title track for a never-shot Who television special. On the 6th, they record "Put The Money Down" as an instrumental track with guide vocal, leaving it unfinished. By the end of the month The Who have decided to abandon their last two months' attempt to record a follow-up to the Who's Next album. "Long Live Rock" and "Put The Money Down" will remain unreleased for over two years.

With the extra free time, Pete spends a large part of the month installing a new 16-track recording in his Cleeve cottage, doing all the wiring himself.

Keith Moon Sha Na Na Keith Moon Sha Na Na

On the 9th, Keith emcees the Sha Na Na concert at the Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle. He continues to appear with the group, introducing them, at many stops of their 1972 European tour.

Some Time In New York City Some Time In New York City

On the 12th, John Lennon and Yoko Ono's album Some Time in New York City is released in the U.S. The double album features Keith Moon, credited as "Keif Spoon," drumming on live versions of "Cold Turkey" and "Don't Worry Kyoko" from the December 15, 1969 Lyceum concert.

Join Together UK ad Join Together UK ad

On the 16th, "Join Together" backed with a live recording of "Baby Don't You Do It" is released in Britain. Chris Welch in Melody Maker calls it rather bland but Roy Carr in New Musical Express calls both sides of the single "10 minutes and 39 seconds of the best music available." The fans agree with Roy, sending it to #9 in the charts.

Tommy Part 2 LP Tommy Part 2 LP

On the 24th, Track Records releases the stand-alone second disc Tommy (Part 2) in Britain as part of Track's effort to provide cheaper alternatives to cash-strapped British youth. It does not chart.

Sounds 24 Jun 1972 Sounds 24 Jun 1972

On the same day Pete tells Sounds magazine that widespread bootlegging of the Meher Baba devotional albums that have featured his work will lead to him releasing a collection of them through his legitimate record label. It will be called Who Came First. Pete will later discover that MCA mistook the actual releases of the Baba albums for bootlegs.

Join Together shooting ticket Join Together shooting ticket

On the 25th, The Who gather together a select audience of fans at the London Weekend TV studios in Wembley to shoot the promotional film for their new single "Join Together." Michael Lindsay-Hogg directs. The start time is 1pm and refreshments are served. During the early part of filming, Pete slices his right hand open during a windmill and has to be carted off for stitches and bandages. Shooting resumes after his return. Afterwards, Pete is interviewed on camera by the makers of the movie Jimi Hendrix recounting their backstage battle at Monterey five years before.

Gallagher And Lyle Gallagher And Lyle

On the 30th, Gallagher and Lyle release their single "Give A Boy A Break." Pete plays bass on the track and Glyn Johns produces.

June 1967 (50 years ago)

New records: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles; "White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane; "You're My Everything" - The Temptations; "I Was Made To Love Her" - Stevie Wonder
The Who 5 June 1967 The Who 5 June 1967

The Who continue touring on the 3rd with Julian Covey sitting in for Keith Moon who had ruptured his stomach muscles during recording at the end of May. The first stop is the Floral Hall in Southport. Scheduled shows on the 4th at the Guildhall in Southampton and again at the Top Rank Suite in Swansea on the 5th are cancelled.

Instead, on the 4th, Pete attends a farewell party in London for U.S. performer Mitch Ryder. Jeff Beck and John's Children also attend. Keith is discharged from hospital on the same day.

On the 5th, "Instrumental - No Title" a/k/a "Soddin' About" is mixed and shelved, awaiting an official release that does not come for forty-two years.

On the 7th, two other tracks destined for long shelf lives are mixed in 4-track by Kit Lambert at CBS Studios, London. Cy Langston's "Early Morning Cold Taxi" and Keith's "Girl's Eyes" will not be officially released for twenty-seven more years although, along with "Soddin' About", they will supplement many a Who bootleg.

The Who 9 Jun 1967 The Who 9 Jun 1967

The Who begin their Ireland tour on the 8th with two shows at the Ulster Hall in Belfast. Chris Townson is still on drums for this and the next day's show at the Golden Slipper Ballroom in Magilligan County, Derry. By the time The Who return to play Ireland, only Pete and Roger will be left in the group.

Hurt Who continue

On the 10th, The Who stop by Pete's father's old venue, The Palace Ballroom, on the Isle of Man. Kit Lambert tells Melody Maker, "We hope Keith should be able to do some light drumming in about a week's time, but until then all recording sessions have been postponed."

On the same day the U.S. Army radio show The In Sound plays a second spot from Pete and "Happy Jack" is played.

On the 12th, Keith goes against doctor's orders and climbs back into the drummer's seat for the Christ Church College Ball in Cambridge. He still has staples in his stomach holding his rupture together. The supporting acts are The Moody Blues, Georgie Fame and French singer Francoise Hardy.

Willi Nolte Happy Jack Willi Nolte Happy Jack

Also on the 12th, Willi Nolte releases a German-language version of "Happy Jack" as a single in Germany.

On the 13th, The Who fly back to the U.S. Pete, violating one of the main rules of rock 'n roll touring, brings his girlfriend Karen Astley along for the trip. They and the rest of The Who go to The Rooster Tail in New York to catch Frank Sinatra, Jr.'s show and again hang out with Mitch Ryder.

On the 14th, The Who play their first headlining show in the U.S. at the Fifth Dimension Club in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Prior to the show, the promoter is sent out to score crystal meth for the band.

The Who Jun 15, 1967 The Who Jun 15, 1967

On the 15th, another headlining show, this time a "Special Benefit Show" for the Mount Prospect Junior Women's Club at The Cellar in Arlington Heights, Illinois. H.P. Lovecraft, the band not the writer, opens.

On the 16th, The Who make it to the West Coast playing the Fillmore in San Francisco. After years of abuse from promoters, Pete is stunned when the Fillmore's Bill Graham treats The Who as serious artists deserving of respect, an approach that earns him The Who's lifelong friendship and loyalty. What also throws The Who is that they are expected to put on concert-length shows when they only have 20-25 minutes prepared. They rehearse in their hotel rooms trying to come up with more songs for their set.

The Who Fillmore Handbill 1967 The Who Fillmore Handbill 1967

The opening act is supposed to be Loading Zone but they cancel at the last minute and are replaced by a new local band in their first public appearance, the Santana Blues Band, who will later shorten their name to Santana. Both The Who and The Santana Blues Band play The Fillmore on the 17th as well.

On the afternoon of the 17th, Pete and Karen take a stroll at Hippie Ground Zero, the intersection of Haight and Ashbury Streets in San Francisco. He later reports it "very, very commercial."

Monterey Pop backstage Monterey Pop backstage
Photo: Henry Diltz

On the 18th, The Who perform at The Monterey International Pop Festival in Monterey, California. Pete confronts Jimi Hendrix before the show and demands The Who hit the stage before he does since Hendrix will also smash his guitar. If they follow him the crowd will think The Who are stealing Hendrix's act even though they were the ones who originated it. Hendrix plays his guitar and coolly ignores Pete. John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas finally decides it with a coin toss.

The Who Monterey Smashup The Who Monterey Smashup
Photo: Henry Diltz

The Who will play first but despite this, The Who face another disadvantage Hendrix does not. Their penny-pinching managers have sent them to the festival with rented equipment and amplifiers incapable of conveying the power of their act. Their performance is spotty but no one forgets the ending of "My Generation" with Pete and Keith engaging in a riotous instrument bust-up captured by D.A. Pennebaker's cameras and later featured in the movies Monterey Pop and The Kids Are Alright.

After the show The Who hang out with Mama Cass who ply them with the best of the Bay Area's hallucinogens. Hendrix sets his guitar on fire and smashes it leading Cass to tell Pete, "He's stealing your act!" Pete replies, "No, he's not stealing my act, he's doing my act."

On the 20th, The Who begin their long flight back to London. As Keith is going to swallow a new drug, STP, he was given at the festival, Pete doses himself as well. The result is a long and terrifying trip. It takes almost a week for the drug to completely wear off, leading Pete to permanently swear off psychedelic drugs.

On the 21st Ralph Gleason, early rock critic and co-founder of the Monterey festival, denounces The Who in the San Francisco Chronicle: "This decadent, destructive, cynical ending (they use the same amplifier to hit on every show and smash a special cheap guitar) is really a Roman Circus spectacle and has nothing at all to do with music. In fact, it is really anti-music and disgraceful."

John and Alison Entwistle wedding John and Alison Entwistle wedding

On the 23rd, John marries his childhood sweetheart Alison Wise, the future inspiration for "My Wife," at Acton Congregational Church. This makes him the third member of The Who to get married, but the first of which the public is made aware. Roger and Keith's marriages are still kept secret. Afterwards John and Alison sail off for a honeymoon on the QEII.

Pictures of Lily US ad Pictures of Lily US ad

On the 24th, "Pictures Of Lily" backed with "Doctor Doctor" is released in the U.S. The lyrics cause most radio stations to balk at playing it, so it peaks at #51 in Billboard and #60 in Cash Box. In the more liberal Netherlands, "Pictures of Lily" reaches #2 on this date.

On the evening of the 24th, NEMS employees are sent out to scour the local celebrity hangouts for extras to participate in the next day's live broadcast of The Beatles performing "All You Need Is Love" on a worldwide television show called Our World. Tony Bramwell finds Keith in The Speakeasy amusing himself by tossing peanuts at the other patrons. He tells Keith to be at Abbey Road's Studio One at 2pm the next day. On the 25th, Keith joins The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Marianne Faithfull, Graham Nash and other pop stars. He sits to Ringo's left and only appears in the broadcast as a pair of hands playing drum brushes.

Crawdaddy Happy Jack review Crawdaddy Happy Jack review

In the last week of the month Crawdaddys, a new U.S. publication dedicated to discussing the art of rock music, puts out its August issue featuring a long rave of The Who's Happy Jack album written by young rock critic Jon Landau. "Their music is them, and they don't have to defend it by coming on too arrogantly, or freaky, within the context of the music itself. They say what they have to say in a manner that is perfectly natural for them, and therein lies their magic and their charm. We would all do well to listen, and to learn."

Who disc salute to Jagger and Richard Who disc salute to Jagger and Richard

Meanwhile The Rolling Stones are in crisis as on the 28th, Mick Jagger is found guilty of possession of four Benzedrine tablets he brought from Italy. They had been discovered in a police raid the previous February. He is remanded to jail for sentencing. Late that evening, Pete, Roger and Keith assemble at De Lane Lea Studios in London to record covers of "The Last Time" and "Under My Thumb." Pete plays both fuzz-laden lead guitar and bass for the absent John. Manager Chris Stamp films them recording the songs for use as a video. The video has yet to surface.

After the session, at 3am on the 29th, John receives a phone call aboard the QEII. Hearing the call is from London, he expects dire news about his family. Instead it is someone from Kit Lambert's office asking if The Who have his permission to record an emergency single without him. An angry John says The Who have his permission to put drugs in London's water supply if they want to and hangs up.

Keith and Kim Moon outside News of the World Keith and Kim Moon outside News of the World

Later that day Keith and his wife Kim join a protest outside the News Of The World offices. The paper is well known to have been behind the Stones' drug bust in order to counter a threatened lawsuit for libel by Jagger. On the same day Keith Richard is found guilty for allowing his house to be used for the smoking of cannabis. Sentencing for both Jagger and Richard is held later that day. Jagger gets three months and Richard a year in jail.

The Last Time French picture sleeve The Last Time French picture sleeve
French picture sleeve

On the 30th, Track Records rushes the double A-sided single "The Last Time" and "Under My Thumb" by The Who into record shops. Accompanying the single is this press release: "SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Who consider Mick Jagger & Keith Richard have been treated as scapegoats for the drug problem and as a protest against savage sentences imposed upon them at Chichester yesterday, The Who are issuing today the first of a series of Jagger/Richard songs to keep their work before the public until they are again free to record themselves." Kit Lambert announces all royalties will go to charity.

Before the day is over both Jagger and Richard are released on bail during appeal. Widespread opposition to the severity of the sentences leads to the rescinding of both Jagger and Richard's jail terms. There are no other Stones-cover singles by The Who. This one peaks at #44 in the charts and is subsequently released in Europe and Japan. The U.S. release does not come until both tracks appear on Two's Missing 20 years later. Pete later says Jagger acknowledged The Who single by calling Pete "a real gentleman" with his usual sarcastic tone.

June 1962 (55 years ago)

New records: "Roses Are Red (My Love)" - Bobby Vinton; "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" - Neil Sedaka; "The Loco-Motion" - Little Eva; "Things" - Bobby Darin
The Everly Brothers Instant Party The Everly Brothers Instant Party

On the 21st, The Everly Brothers' LP Instant Party is released in the U.K. Pete will lift the title for a song recorded in January 1966 intended as the B-side to "Circles," that will then be applied to the song "Circles" when "Substitute" becomes the final A-side.

Carlo Little

On the 25th, Keith attends a show by Screaming Lord Sutch and The Savages. Afterwards he approaches the band's drummer, Carlo Little, and asks him to teach him his "wildman" drumming style. Carlo agrees. Two days later, Keith gets his first lesson from Little. Little later describes the 15 year-old Keith as "a lad fumbling, trying to play."

June 1952 (65 years ago)

New records: "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" - Vera Lynn; "Botch-A-Me (Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina)" - Rosemary Clooney; "High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)" - Frankie Laine

Pete's father Cliff Townshend begins a ten-year summer residency playing with The Squadronaires at The Palace Ballroom in Douglas, Isle of Man. This introduces a bit of stability to the Townshend marriage allowing them more time to raise young Pete without having to rely on relatives.

1946 film. Cliff is saxophonist to far right.

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the original research
and provided the aid
that led to this page.

A note about photographs:
None of the photographs used
on this site are by
purchase agreement with
the original photographer.
I try to credit when I can
discover the name of the
original photographer but, in
most cases, sources in
newspapers, old copies of
Creem Magazine, and even some
Who books, do not credit
photographers. If you are the
photographer or represent the
photographer and you do not
want your photograph posted,
please get in touch a
nd I will remove it immediately.
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you'd know it's quite the opposite!)
established to provide an historical
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