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Page updated August 1, 2022. This is a highly abridged version of all the things that happened to and around The Who in July. Click the INDEX button at the bottom for access to the full history.

August 1946 (76 years ago)

New music releases: "Choo Choo Ch'Boogie" - Louis Jordan and His Typmany Five; "To Each His Own" - The Ink Spots; "The Rickety Rickshaw Man" - Eddy Howard & His Orchestra; "South America, Take It Away" - Xavier Cugat & His Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra
Baby Keith Moon Baby Keith Moon

On the 23rd, Keith John Moon is released on an unsuspecting world by Kathleen and Alfred Moon of 224 Tokyngton Avenue, Wembley.

August 1963 (59 years ago)

New music releases: "Be My Baby" - The Ronettes; Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 3 - Elvis Presley; Honey in the Horn - Al Hirt; The Second Barbra Streisand Album - Barbra Streisand

On the 9th, the weekend starts here as ITV kicks off a show featuring the best in the new British pop sound. It airs early evening on Fridays and is called Ready Steady GO! During its three and a half year run, RSG! becomes a Mecca for the bands of the British Invasion, particularly The Who.

August 1964 (58 years ago)

New music releases: "Oh, Pretty Woman" - Roy Orbison; "You Really Got Me" - The Kinks; Mary Poppins - Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke and Various Artists; In Concert - Peter, Paul & Mary

On the 11th, The High Numbers return to the Railway Hotel for their first filmed recording. Kit Lambert shoots forty minutes of 16mm film of the band performing before dancing Mods. Apparently there was trouble that evening down at Roger's house. Right before the show, Roger's father-in-law drags Roger outside and hits him. Roger dons sunglasses for the shoot to cover up the black eye. Footage from the shoot first appears edited into 1965's "I Can't Explain" video, the audio is released in the 1980's on a bootleg called Dance to Keep From Crying and two songs, "I Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying" and "Ooh Poo Pah Doo", appear with sound and video in the 2007 movie Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who.

Beatles Who advancer Beatles Who advancer

On the 16th, The High Numbers follow The Kinks, then super-hot with their new song "You Really Got Me", and open for The Beatles, all during one Sunday night at the Blackpool Opera House. It is one of only two times that the band plays the same venue as the Liverpudlian Four. More than one writer has suggested that John Lennon takes the idea of using feedback at the beginning of that November's Beatles single "I Feel Fine" from watching Pete's feedback-laden performance on this night.

Between the two performances that evening, Pete looks out from backstage to see ushers sniffing through the rows looking for seats where girls got a bit too excited after seeing The Beatles and spraying the "accidents" with cologne, an image Pete stores away for nine years before using it for the opening verse of "5:15".

Beatles Who programme 1964 Beatles Who programme 1964

The High Numbers manage to make an impression despite the strong competition thanks not only to their performance but also to new professional stage lighting designed for them by Mike Shaw. When The High Numbers leave the stage, their Marshall stacks are removed and replaced with the Beatles' equipment. John Entwistle later remembers the Beatles' amps as half the size of what The High Numbers are already using. After the show the Numbers get a taste of Beatlemania as hysterical Beatle fans attack them as they leave the show, desperate for any souvenir of any band, ripping off pieces of their clothing and unknowingly ending up with Who collectibles.

August 1965 (57 years ago)

New music releases: Help! - The Beatles; Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan; "A Lover's Concerto" - The Toys; "I'm Yours" - Elvis Presley

On the 3rd, a Shindig crew films The Who at Twickenham Film Studio Stage 3 in London. They perform live-in-studio versions of "I Can't Explain", "Daddy Rolling Stone" and a new song, "My Generation". The first song is later included in The Kids Are Alright.

The Who at Richmond 1965 The Who at Richmond 1965

On the 6th, The WHo drive to the Richmond Athletic Association Grounds to play the 5th National Jazz & Blues Festival. Also performing that night are The Yardbirds and The Moody Blues. This set also ends up on television, being filmed by ABC-TV (U.S.) for a December special Shindig Goes To London.

The Who The Price of Pop Art article The Who The Price of Pop Art article

On the 28th, Melody Maker runs an article called "The Price Of Pop Art" detailing The Who's insane level of expenditures. The article also claims Pete has amassed 9 guitars while living on the dole. The numbers in the article, later re-printed in the book Rock Dreams, are largely fabricated by The Who's management.

August 1966 (56 years ago)

New music releases: Revolver - The Beatles; "Reach Out I'll Be There" - Four Tops; "Cherish" - The Association; "Yellow Submarine" - The Beatles
New Musical Express 26 Aug 1966 New Musical Express 26 Aug 1966

On the 26th "I'm a Boy" backed with "In The City" is released in Europe. Reaction Records' ad for the single takes up the entire front cover of New Musical Express. Melody Maker's review says "Composer Townshend with producer Kit Lambert have gone to Spector-ish extremes, stirred with Brian Wilson, and topped the lot with pure Who. An exciting, deep, loud record with thundering bass and drums – and shattering enormous hit." It goes to #2 in the official U.K. charts but reaches #1 for two weeks in the Melody Maker charts making it the de facto biggest U.K. single hit for The Who. U.S. Decca holds up its release in the States hoping for a U.S. tour to support the single.

Meanwhile on the 27th, Billboard reports The Who plan to come to the U.S. in early September to promote their U.S. single of "The Kids Are Alright" and that a tape of the group performing the tune was rushed to New York for promotion on various TV shows. In the same issue, "The Kids Are Alright" reaches its U.S. peak on the Billboard charts, "Bubbling Under" at #106.

August 1967 (55 years ago)

New music releases: "Never My Love" - The Association; Gentle on My Mind - Glen Campbell; The Byrds' Greatest Hits - The Byrds; Album 1700 - Peter, Paul & Mary

On the 1st, at the Mississippi State Coliseum, The Who continue their tour opening for Herman's Hermits. In honor of their location, they do a one-time-only cover of Nancy Sinatra's hit song "Jackson." After the show, Tom takes Pete to a local doctor who stitches up his finger that he had sliced to the bone doing windmills. The doctor says Pete won't be able to play for a month. Pete replies that he'll just glue his pick to the bandage.

Down come the pirates Down come the pirates

On the 14th, Radio London, "Big L", signs off permanently at 3pm due to the Marine Broadcasting Bill that goes into effect at Midnight. DJ Paul Kaye ends the show with The Beatles' "A Day in the Life", a track that was then banned on the BBC.

The Who Holiday Inn sign 1967 The Who Holiday Inn sign 1967
Photo: Tom Wright

During the afternoon of the 23rd Keith and The Who are photographed outside the Holiday Inn which is advertising the fact that Keith is this day 21 years old. Keith then stops by WTAC-AM to bring birthday cake to the local DJ's. The Who apparently get into a mood onstage that evening, describing Flint as a "dump" and cursing in front of the attending teenyboppers.

Keith Moon 21st birthday party Keith Moon 21st birthday party
Photo: Tom Wright

The night that follows the show becomes one of the most famous and notorious nights in The Who's history. Unfortunately the reality doesn't quite match the legend. Premier Drums and Decca Records provide a cake for a celebration of Keith's 21st birthday at the Holiday Inn. The revelries turn into a food fight with the cake and then extends to the parking lot as cars are sprayed with fire extinguisher foam. When a sheriff comes to stop the shenanigans, Keith slips on some of the cake (or, according to Tom Wright, falls off the diving board into an swimming pool surprisingly empty in the middle of August) and knocks out a tooth.

The sheriff takes Keith for emergency dental surgery accompanied by Pete and John. With time and imagination Keith amplifies this story into a full-scale bacchanalia highlighted by his deposit of a Cadillac into the hotel swimming pool and a lifetime ban on The Who's presence in Holiday Inns worldwide (if this happens it is quickly rescinded; The Who will stay at Holiday Inns on their 1968 tour). The only confirmed results are some cars with paint damage, a ruined carpet, and a $5000 bill (or $50,000 depending on the source) paid by Decca as a blanket coverage for damage.

On the 27th, Beatles' manager Brian Epstein is found dead. One bit of the fallout is the dissolution of the merger of Epstein's Nems Enterprises Ltd. and the Robert Stigwood Organisation, cutting The Who loose from their business ties with the Beatles that had been inaugurated at the beginning of the year.

August 1968 (54 years ago)

New music releases: "Hey Jude" - The Beatles; Cheap Thrills - Big Brother & The Holding Company; Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits - Frank Sinatra; "Piece of My Heart" - Big Brother & The Holding Company
The Who at the Singer Bowl 1968 The Who at the Singer Bowl 1968

On the 2nd, The Who play one of the biggest dates of the tour, the New York Singer Bowl opening for The Doors. Pete is appalled watching Jim Morrison taunt the girls in the crowd to come closer while near riot conditions ensue. This gives him the idea for another song for the rock opera, "Sally Simpson."

Pete Townshend Fillmore West 1968 Pete Townshend Fillmore West 1968
Photo: Baron Wolman

On the 13th, The Who begin three nights at the Fillmore West in San Francisco with supporting acts the James Cotton Blues Band and Magic Sam. At 2am one of these nights Pete delivers a mammoth interview to Rolling Stone magazine, which they publish in two parts shortly afterwards. This often-reprinted interview details the plot of Pete's new rock opera, then called "Deaf, Dumb and Blind Boy," and Pete later has to refer back to the magazine for plot reminders throughout the recording of Tommy. The interview also establishes Pete as rock's greatest expounder on the new music's meaning and idealism.

August 1969 (53 years ago)

New music releases: Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival; "Suspicious Minds" - Elvis Presley; Santana - Santana; Blind Faith - Blind Faith
Woodstock poster Woodstock poster

On the 16th, The Who arrive by helicopter in Woodstock, New York for the Woodstock Festival. It is at this point that they are informed that the festival has been moved to Bethel, New York some forty miles away. The Who, along with Pete's wife Karen and infant daughter Emma and Roger's future wife Heather, set off by car. Pete: ""people coming up to me - 'You're going to Woodstock? You're crazy. Turn back, go home, there's millions of people there, the food's poisonous and the water...' Well, I immediately got into an incredible state and I rejected everyone. I wouldn't talk to anyone. And I was telling really nice people like Richie Havens to fuck off and things like that. And it just got to a point where when we finally did get out of the helicopter and the helicopter never arrived and we eventually got in a queue of cars it took about six hours to get there. Well, we got there and then we waited another ten hours in the mud; the first cup of coffee I had had acid in it. I could fucking taste it." Now that they are in a really bad mood, the promoters tell the band that, since Woodstock is now a "free festival", they do not have the money on hand to pay them but can write them a check. The Who will have none of it leading to a fourteen-hour standoff as The Who refuse to take the stage. Finally a bank manager is flown in by helicopter with money, the standoff ends, and The Who take the stage at 4AM. Pete lets out some of his fury by kicking Michael Wadleigh, on stage filming the acts as part of his documentary Woodstock. The Who then run quickly through "Heaven and Hell" and "I Can't Explain" before launching into Tommy. All the fury and tension come out through their instruments as The Who blaze through the rock opera in a spectacular performance captured by Wadleigh's cameras.

The Who at Woodstock 1 The Who at Woodstock 1
Photo: Henry Diltz

At the conclusion of "Pinball Wizard", radical firebrand Abbie Hoffman runs out and grabs Pete's microphone to announce, "I think this is all a pile of shit while John Sinclair rots in prison!", referring to the manager of the Detroit rock band MC5 who got ten years in prison for possession of two marijuana joints. The Who are friends with the MC5 but Pete is in no mood for interruptions. "Fuck off my fucking stage!", he yells, and pokes Hoffman in the back of the head with his guitar neck causing Hoffman to retire from the microphone. Pete in 1970: "Quite honestly, I mean knock for knock, everything Abbie Hoffman said was very fair. Because I did hit him, he must have felt it for a couple of months after." Audio exists of the incident but, for some unknown reason, it is either not filmed or the film has been lost. A search of the outtakes in 1976 by Jeff Stein and Woodstock editor Thelma Schoonmaker found no trace of it.

The Who at Woodstock 2 The Who at Woodstock 2
Photo: Jim Marshall

The sun comes up just as The Who reach "See Me Feel Me" and it is the first time the members of the band see the size of the crowd, a half million people stretching off to the horizon. Finally realizing the importance of the event, The Who put their all into the finale. After they play the new long version of "My Generation", Pete tosses his guitar into the crowd as the band walks off. The Who's roadies run out into the audience and quickly retrieve the guitar. Footage of The Who's performance at Woodstock is included in the movies Woodstock and The Kids Are Alright.

The Who at the Isle of Wight 1969 The Who at the Isle of Wight 1969
Photo: Brian McCreeth

Having learned their lesson at Woodstock, The Who helicopter in to the Isle of Wight on the 30th, play their set plus Tommy, and leave. Their daytime performance is filmed by French television. Bob Dylan, despite his own sizable fee, uses The Who's PA for his concert.

August 1970 (52 years ago)

New music releases: Close To You - The Carpenters; Gold - Neil Diamond; Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits Vol. 1 - Elvis Presley; "Cracklin' Rosie" - Neil Diamond
Pete and Maxine Pete and Maxine

Around this time, Pete buys a large American van he dubs "Maxine" which he drives everywhere. The van's size, comfort and air-conditioning inspire Pete to imagine a heavily-polluted world where people travel and live in sealed vans. The idea sparks the song "Going Mobile" and becomes one of the ideas behind the Lifehouse project.

1970 Isle of Wight poster 1970 Isle of Wight poster
The Who at the Isle of Wight 1970 The Who at the Isle of Wight 1970
Photo: Laurens van Houten

On the 29th, The Who make their second appearance at the Isle Of Wight Festival, with one of the greatest ever line-ups including what would be the last performances of Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix. The promoters envision it as a British version of Woodstock. However an attempt to raise money to pay for the festival by keeping out non-paying attendees with fences and guard dogs turns into chaos as 600,000 people, nine-tenths of them not paying, descend on the music event. The fences are soon trampled, fans from France and Germany get blamed and the anger of those who demand a "free festival" reaches all the way to the stage. Some performers are booed or interrupted by hecklers. Keith Moon spends an hour talking to folk artist Melanie to calm her down and get her to perform after hearing she is too nervous to take the stage. Fortunately for the well-being of the hecklers, none of them interfere with The Who's performance that begins around 3am Sunday morning. The Who roar through a two-hour set featuring a live Tommy. John wears a specially made skeleton suit (so tight he is unable to sit down while wearing it). Pete takes two things with him from the festival; the image of fences being torn down that will appear in the songs "Let's See Action" and "Put The Money Down" and the question of the purpose of music festivals that will become a theme in Lifehouse.

August 1971 (51 years ago)

New music releases: A Space in Time - Ten Years After; "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" - Joan Baez; "Uncle Albert/Adrmiral Halsey" - Paul & Linda McCartney; "Superstar" - The Carpenters
Aug 3 1971 ad Aug 3 1971 ad

On the 3rd The Who play The Spectrum in Philadelphia followed by a four-night stand at the Music Hall in Boston (4th, 5th, 6th and 7th). The Who don't lower their sound for the small size of the Music Hall and, on the 5th, when people in the audience stick their fingers in their ears, Pete threatens to throw his guitar at them. By the 6th, Roger has had enough and demands on stage that Pete turn down. Pete refuses so Roger kicks over Pete's amps. One hits a roadie who has to be taken to hospital. Roger storms off and The Who finish with an instrumental set. Rod Stewart, Kenny Jones and the rest of the Faces cancel a planned jam with The Who during the encore.

Who's Next UK ad Who's Next UK ad

On the 25th, Who's Next is finally released in the U.K. on Track Records, almost a full month after its U.S. release. It does better in the U.K. charts, reaching #1, the only time an album by The Who tops the charts in any country.

August 1972 (50 years ago)

New music releases: "Burning Love" - Elvis Presley; "Back Stabbers" - The O'Jays; "Black & White" - Three Dog Night; "Funny Face" - Donna Fargo

Eric Clapton asks Pete to mix the uncompleted tapes of the second Derek and The Dominos album. Pete travels to Eric's home at Hurtwood Edge but finds the tapes too unfinished to complete and Eric too strung out on heroin to finish them. While he tries to think of a way to get Eric clean again, Pete turns Eric's tapes over to Bobby Pridden for cataloging.

The Who Frankfurt 1972 poster The Who Frankfurt 1972 poster

Also on the 11th, The Who and opening act Golden Earring travel to the Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany to begin a European tour. It is The Who's first concert in seven months, their longest time off the stage to that date. The as-yet unreleased songs "Long Live Rock" and "Relay" are premiered. Pete does his leap and slide across the stage, only to find he has forgotten to put on his protective kneepads.

Melody Maker 19 Aug 1972 Melody Maker 19 Aug 1972

Also on the 19th, Melody Maker prints an interview with Pete entitled "The Eternal Mod." In it, Pete gives the first description of the project that will ultimately become Quadrophenia. "I'm not only writing something that's less of an opera than 'Tommy' ever was, but it's even about adolescence," he laughs self-mockingly. It would appear, in fact, to be an historical retrospect of the four people involved in the Who: Moon as the insane, Entwistle as the romantic, Daltrey as the bad, Townshend as the good. "They join together and become one piece of music."

August 1973 (49 years ago)

New music releases: Goat's Head Soup - The Rolling Stones; American Graffiti - Original Soundtrack; Killing Me Softly - Roberta Flack; (Pronounced 'Leh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd) - Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Who in Quadrophenia booklet The Who in Quadrophenia booklet
Photo: Ethan Russell

On the 24th, the Who, some "mod girls" models, and Terry Kennett as "Jimmy" assemble at 5am outside the Hammersmith Odeon for the photograph of themselves intended for the Quadrophenia booklet. Kennett is a paint sprayer who got the job of portraying Quadrophenia's hero after Pete spotted him in The Butcher's Arms pub near The Who's Ramport Studios. Ethan Russell takes this photograph as well as the others that appear in the booklet.

Terry Kennett aboard Vespa Terry Kennett aboard Vespa
Photo: Graham Hughes

From there they go to Graham Hughes' studio to shoot the album's cover. After filming Kennett aboard the Vespa, The Who are treated to individual studio shots to be placed into the mirrors on the bike.

August 1974 (48 years ago)

New music releases: So Far - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Can't Get Enough - Barry White; "Nothing from Nothing" - Billy Preston; "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)" - B.T. Express
Keith Moon is Going Keith Moon is Going

On the 3rd, Keith and his girlfriend Anette go to the Beverly Wilshire as part of Keith's plan to become a tax exile. Although the British press assume that Keith is another tax exile, Keith says the real reason is that all his friends have now moved to California.

Keith Moon 28th Birthday Party Keith Moon 28th Birthday Party

On the 23rd, Keith celebrates his 28th birthday at a party at the Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles. Attending are Rod Stewart, Linda Blair, Linda Lovelace, Brian Wilson (barefoot and wearing a bathrobe) and 1500 others. MCA Records gives Keith the suit Robert Redford wore in the movie The Sting. The Stampeders perform, joined at one point by Keith, Jesse Ed Davis, Harry Nillson, Nikki Barclay and Patti Quatro who perform terrible renditions of "Don't Worry Baby" and "Good Golly Miss Molly" before the hotel management pulls the plug to everyone's relief.

August 1975 (47 years ago)

New music releases: Born To Run -Bruce Springsteen; "Born to Run" - Bruce Springsteen; The Best of The Statler Bros. - The Statler Brothers; "Walk This Way" - Aerosmith
9 Aug 1975 NME 9 Aug 1975 NME

On the 9th, New Musical Express prints Roger's rebuttal to Pete's remarks in his interview of 31 May. Roger doesn't hold back: "I never read such a load of bullshit in all my life." He also adds that Pete "talked himself up his own ass." To Pete's charge that Roger thought rock 'n roll was just "making records, pulling birds, getting pissed and having a good time," Roger counters that the last few bad gigs The Who had done was because Pete, John and Keith had been "...out boozing and balling all night and by the time it got to the show at night they were physically incapable of doing a good show." The interview later appears in Creem magazine in the U.S.

Another interview with Roger appears in Rolling Stone. He says The Who's new album will be a return to basic rock 'n roll unlike Quadrophenia where "we got drowned in synthesizers."

During this time Pete and his family have a two month vacation in the States visiting New York City, the Meher Baba Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and a Baba-oriented Sufi group in Northern California. Before his departure, he writes a letter to Roger apologizing for his remarks in the press and promising to back him in whatever decision he makes about the separation of The Who from their managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp.

August 1976 (46 years ago)

New music releases: Boston - Boston; "Dancing Queen" - ABBA; This One's For You - Barry Manilow; The Johnny Mathis Collection - Johnny Mathis
The Who Miami ticket 1976

Also on the 9th, The whirlwind tour winds down at Miami Baseball Stadium, this venue only 200 shy of a sellout. Another show is penciled in at the venue for the 11th, but it has to be cancelled after Keith Moon goes on a drinking and drugging spree ending with his arrest for destroying his hotel room at the Fontainebleau and being found in an incoherent state. Who manager Bill Curbishley bails him out but has Keith immediately put into Hollywood Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, Florida for "psychiatric evaluation." With the extra time, the other members of The Who remain in Miami enjoying the sun and some deep-sea fishing before heading back to London. Keith is released from hospital on the 19th and flies home to Los Angeles.

On the 23rd, Keith turns 30.

August 1977 (45 years ago)

New music releases: Live - Foghat; The Elvis Presley Story - Elvis Presley; "You Light Up My Life" - Debby Boone; "Blue Bayou" - Linda Ronstadt

Late in the month, Keith is videotaped at CBS Studios in Hollywood for Rolling Stone...The Tenth Anniversary special. Keith tells some of his hotel exploits then participates in a sketch in which Steve Martin helps him destroy a hotel room.

August 1978 (44 years ago)

New music releases: Don't Look Back - Boston; Who Are You - The Who; "Summer Nights" - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John; "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" - Meat Loaf
Pete Townshend - Keith Moon NY 1978 Pete Townshend - Keith Moon NY 1978

While John remains in England to complete the mixes for The Kids Are Alright soundtrack, Pete and Keith fly to New York City. They appear on ABC-TV's Good Morning America, introducing a clip from The Kids Are Alright. Later Pete and Keith tape a two-part interview with Joel Siegel that airs the next day on ABC-TV's Eyewitness News. These are Keith's last television appearances.

Keith has a fight with his girlfriend Anette, so she calls Dr. Geoffrey Dymond to give him a sedative. Dr. Dymond agrees to see Keith as a patient and gives him a prescription for Heminevrin (chlormethiazole), a sedative-hypnotic, anticonvulsant drug used to control alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Although it is not clear what proper procedure was in 1978, this drug is now usually prescribed only in a controlled environment due to the danger of accidental, fatal overdose.

Sometime during this month, John Lydon a/k/a/ Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols, begins actively campaigning to play Jimmy in the Quadrophenia movie. Despite meetings with Pete and director Franc Roddam, he is not given the role.

Who Are You LP Who Are You LP

On the 18th, Who Are You is released in Britain. Charles Shaar Murray in New Musical Express praises the band for recognizing their age and not trying to latch onto the punk rock sound. Chris Welch in Melody Maker says the record has few of the fireworks of previous Who records. Who Are You peaks at #6 on the U.K. charts.

On the 30th, Keith is called in to CTS Studios in Wembley to re-record some of his drumming to cover up mistakes he made during the "Won't Get Fooled Again" section of the movie The Kids Are Alright. Keith is so completely drugged, probably from abuse of Heminevrin tablets, that he doesn't even recognize longtime Who staff member Cy Langston. Keith fails to provide any usable drum recordings during the session. It is the last known time he ever sits behind a drum kit.

August 1979 (43 years ago)

New music releases: Off The Wall - Michael Jackson; In Through The Out Door - Led Zeppelin; "Don't Bring Me Down" - Electric Light Orchestra; Mickey Mouse Disco - Walt Disney
Quadrophenia movie poster Quadrophenia movie poster

On the 16th, the movie version of Quadrophenia goes into general release. Arriving just as the retro-Mod movement is reaching its peak in the U.K., Quadrophenia the movie becomes a cult favorite and provides a collection of iconic scenes that will have influence in Britain decades later. Sting begins his acting career with this movie and a host of future British movie and television actors such as Ray Winstone, Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash and Philip Davis get their start here.

August 1982 (40 years ago)

New music releases: Upstairs at Eric's - Yaz; Heartlight - Neil Diamond; Greatest Hits - The Bellamy Brothers; "Eye in the Sky" - The Alan Parsons Project
Roger Daltrey presser Aug 1982 Roger Daltrey presser Aug 1982
Photo: Ron Galella

On the 20th, Roger, without the other members, holds a press conference in New York to announce The Who's upcoming North American tour. He says it will "probably" be the group's last tour because touring is "getting too big" and takes too much time "to make them profitable". However, The Who are not breaking up and will continue to record together.

August 1987 (35 years ago)

New music releases: Bad - Michael Jackson; Hysteria - Def Leppard; Permanent Vacation - Aerosmith; The Top Ten Hits - Elvis Presley

On the 15th, Billboard reports that John Entwistle and his new group The Rock are about to release their self-titled album that will be followed by a tour. Having finished the album almost a year before, John blames the delays on his former band. "I think the Who has become an albatross to us all. It feels like I'm trapped within The Who, and it doesn't even exist anymore." The tour with The Rock never happens and the album is not released for another nine years.

August 1989 (33 years ago)

New music releases: Sleeping With the Past - Elton John; Steel Wheels - The Rolling Stones; "Pump Up the Jam" - Technotronic; "Miss You Much" - Janet Jackson
All-Star Tommy 1989 All-Star Tommy 1989
Photo: Steve Gurnitz

On the 24th, The Who participate in their second all-star version of Tommy at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. Elton John plays the Pinball Wizard, Phil Collins is Uncle Ernie, Billy Idol is Cousin Kevin, Steve Winwood is the Hawker and Patti Labelle is the Acid Queen. Front row seats go for a ticket price of $1500. All but $50 of that (all but $25 of the cheaper seats) goes to the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation. The show is simulcast on pay-per-view to over sixty countries.

August 1994 (28 years ago)

New music releases: II - Boyz II Men; Definitely Maybe - Oasis; "Juicy" - The Notorious B.I.G.; The Three Tenors in Concert 1994 - The Three Tenors
1994 Daltrey Great Woods ticket 1994 Daltrey Great Woods ticket

On the 5th Roger's "A Celebration of the Music of Pete Townshend" tour continues. John plays bass on the tour along with Pete's brother Simon on guitar and Zak Starkey on drums.

August 1997 (25 years ago)

New music releases: Be Here Now - Oasis; The Dance - Fleetwood Mac; My Way: The Best of Frank Sinatra - Frank Sinatra; "Everlong" - Foo Fighters reveals that Pete's project for a musical film of The Iron Man has been taken over by young ex-Disney animator Brad Bird. Bird has decided to drop Pete's songs, re-set the movie in America in the 1950's and rename it The Iron Giant. Pete will be credited as executive producer on the finished film.

August 2009 (13 years ago)

New music releases: "Hey, Soul Sister" - Train; "Party in the U.S.A." - Miley Cyrus; "Need You Now" - Lady Antebellum; "TiK ToK" - Kesha

On the 3rd, Roger Daltrey is interviewed in Billboard. He announces that he will soon be touring with a new solo band made up of keyboardist Loren Gold, bassist Jon Button, drummer Scott Devours and guitarist and musical director Frank Simes. The tour, in reference to Roger's voice, will be called the Use It Or Lose It tour.

On the 25th, Pete pens an entry at announcing that he is working on a new musical to be called Floss. The story is: "Walter, a straight-cut pub rock musician, is able to retire when one of his songs becomes the TV anthem of a big car company. He becomes a house-husband while his wife Floss devotes herself to a riding stables and stud. When he tries to return to music after a fifteen year hiatus, he finds that what he hears and what he composes evoke the ecologically rooted, apocalyptic mindset of his generation. Shaken by this and torn by personal difficulties, he and Floss become estranged. A series of dramatic events in a hospital emergency ward bring them both to their senses.". Pete claims some of the songs will be on a new Who album coming out in 2010 and the entire work will premiere in concert in 2011. The work will eventually become the basis of his 2019 novel The Age of Anxiety and inspire some of the songs on the 2019 album WHO.

August 2012 (10 years ago)

New music releases: "Thrift Shop" - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz; "Cruise" - Florida Georgia Line; "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" - Taylor Swift; "I Will Wait" - Mumford & Sons

On the 1st, Pete Townshend is one of a group of musicians who send a letter to The Times protesting charges against the Russian musical act Pussy Riot who are facing years in prison after staging a performance in a Moscow cathedral where they called on the Virgin Mary to remove Valdimir Putin from power. The letter comes the day Putin is to meet with U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron in London.

The Who London Olympics closer The Who London Olympics closer

On the 12th, The Who perform a six-minute medley of "Baba O'Riley", "See Me Feel Me" and "My Generation" for the London Olympics Closing Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in London. Earlier The Kaiser Chiefs play "Pinball Wizard" as the lead singer arrives on a Union Jack decorated scooter. NBC-TV in the U.S. fumbles The Who's performance, delaying it until after midnight to show the premiere of a soon-to-be-cancelled sitcom and local news. The album A Symphony of British Music, including The Who's performance, is available for download the following day. Over the next week, "Baba O'Riley", "Pinball Wizard" and "My Generation" all enter the British Top 200 singles.

On the 14th, The Guardian reports that The Who turned down the closing slot for The London Olympics twice before agreeing to help promote their upcoming tour.

August 2017

New music releases: "Havana" - Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug; "Bank Account" - 21 Savage; "Silence" - Marshmello featuring Khalid; "Best Part" - Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.

The Who continue their residency at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas on the nights of the 1st, 4th, 7th, 9th, and the 11th.

The Who on The Who book The Who on The Who book

On the 2nd, the book The Who on The Who: Interviews and Encounters edited by Sean Egan is published.

Pete Townshend Outside Lands 2017 Pete Townshend Outside Lands 2017
Photo: Scot Tucker

On the 13th, The Who are at the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

The Who wrap up this North American tour at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey's in Stateline, Nevada on the 16th.

Roger Daltrey sells Rolls Roger Daltrey sells Rolls

It is reported on the 31st that Roger sold his bespoke Tommy album-decorated Rolls Royce Wraith for £208,945. The money goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

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2022 The Who tour logo

Covid Couldn't Kill 'Em!

The Who roaring back this Spring in North America!
Plus the return to Cincinnati!

The Who Concert Memories Book

The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years, 1964 to 1976
Fans (including yours truly) recall the glory days of the greatest live act in rock music. By Edoardo Genzolini.
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