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October 2010 (5 years ago)

New album releases: Speak Now - Taylor Swift; Crazy Love - Michael Bublé; Doo-Wops & Hooligans - Bruno Mars; Come Around Sundown - Kings of Leon
Pete Townshend at Down's Syndrome event Pete Townshend at Down's Syndrome event

On the 2nd, Pete Townshend plays a show for adults with Down's Syndrome at Portsmouth's Guildhall. The concert was organized by Pete's girlfriend Rachel Fuller in association with the Southsea charity Downsed. Fuller creates new songs using lyrics written by eight of the adults that she and Pete perform.

Roger Daltrey at Channel 5 party Roger Daltrey at Channel 5 party

On the 20th, Roger Daltrey attends the Channel 5 opening party at the Norther & Shell Building near London's Tower Bridge.

On the 30th, Gov't Mule plays a Halloween show at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California where they play the entirety of Who's Next.

October 2005 (10 years ago)

New album releases: All the Right Reasons - Nickleback; Back to Bedlam - James Blunt; The Legend of Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash; Intensive Care - Robbie Williams
Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey at Tommy/Quadrophenia event Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey at Tommy/Quadrophenia event
Photo: Seth Wenig

On the 7th. Pete and Roger spend the day in New York promoting the Tommy/Quadrophenia DVD. Roger appears on Fox and Friends accompanied by Peter Gabriel. Later, Pete and Roger hold a photo op at the Samsung Experience Store at the Time-Warner building in New York to announce the release of DVD and a special promotional deal with Samsung Electronics who offer a copy of the DVD with HDTV and Home Theater purchases.

The next day Pete posts a diary entry about several topics including the problem of writing and performing new music at his age: "I suppose what rock artists of my age are struggling to find is dignity with edge. Anger with responsibility. Action with duty. Tricky if you want to have fun at the same time."

Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller at High Society Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller at High Society
Photo: Dave M. Benett

On the 10th, Pete and Rachel attend a staging of High Society in London and go backstage afterwards.

On the 14th, Roger begins appearing with A Night At The Proms in Antwerp. Additional shows there this month are 15th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 27th, 28th, 29th and the 31st.

On the 17th, a cover of the Buzzcocks' song "Ever Fallen in Love?" is included on a 2-CD tribute to the late BBC DJ John Peel. Roger is one of the artists singing the song.

Rachel Fuller ad 18 Oct 2005 Rachel Fuller ad 18 Oct 2005

On the 18th, Rachel presents an evening of music with Pete, Foy Vance, Mikey Cuthbert and herself at The Bedford in Balham, London. Pete remarks that it is the first time (charity concerts excepted) that he had not been paid to perform. "My father once told me that marks the end of your career.". He had been talked into the gig by Rachel. Pete plays "Drowned" on acoustic guitar, covers a Gram Parsons' song and joins the support acts at the end to perform "I'm One."

The Who as The Cray Twins The Who as The Cray Twins
Photo: Ross Halfin

On the 26th, Roger receives a Gold Badge Award from the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters at The Savoy, Strand, London. That day Ross Halfin shoots portraits of Pete and Roger at the Boathouse, one of which echoes a famous photo of the Kray Twins. The pictures will be used for promotion for their upcoming tour.

October 2000 (15 years ago)

New album releases: Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park; Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water - Limp Bizkit; All That You Can't Leave Behind - U2; Stankonia - OutKast
John Entwistle Madison Square Gardens 2000 John Entwistle Madison Square Gardens 2000
Photo: Ross Halfin

After the cancellation of a concert on the 2nd at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on the 2nd, The Who begin a four night stand at Madison Square Garden on the 3rd. The Wallflowers open after Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes cancel, rumor has it because Page did not want to appear to be opening for The Who. The other dates are the 4th, 6th and 7th. 58,433 tickets are sold for the four shows with the Garden at 93% capacity for a gross of $4,080,814. The shows will be John Entwistle's last full-length concert appearances with The Who in the U.S.

Pete goes on the attack after a reviewer in New Musical Express criticizes him for "rambling pontifications" on his children during a Who show. "I will not apologise for loving my kids. If the NME critic has any balls at all, and sperm, he will come to know how it feels to love one's kids, and be prepared to bore all comers with the fact."

On the 6th, CBS-TV premiers a new crime show, C.S.I., that has licensed "Who Are You" as the theme song. The show will become for some time the most popular on the planet spawning three Who theme song laden spinoffs, exposing people to The Who who had never heard them before and providing Pete with a shelf full of awards.

On the 10th, an episode of the already cancelled NBC-TV series Freaks and Geeks has its long-delayed premiere on the Fox Family channel. Written by Judd Apatow, Paul Feig and Bob Nickman and entitled "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers", the episode involves the characters trying to talk their parents into letting them attend a Who concert and the parents freaking out when they hear the song "Squeeze Box".

In Vanity Fair, Elvis Costello picks his 500 favorite albums. Two of them are My Generation and Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy. He cites "Substitute" and "The Kids Are Alright" as personal favorites. Lifehouse page Lifehouse page

On the 18th, begins selling limited access to Pete's Sadler Wells concert over the internet.

British Rock Symphony U.S. DVD British Rock Symphony U.S. DVD

On the 24th, British Rock Symphony featuring Roger is released on a DVD in the U.S.

The Who Birmingham U.K. 2000 The Who Birmingham U.K. 2000
Photo: Ross Halfin

On the 30th, Pete's Live > Fillmore 1996 double CD goes on sale at That evening The Who begin their U.K. tour performing at Birmingham N.E.C.

Roger Daltrey in Dark Prince Roger Daltrey in Dark Prince

On the 31st, USA Network broadcasts Dark Prince: The True Story Of Dracula featuring Roger as King Janos of Hungary.

The Beggar's Opera U.S. DVD The Beggar's Opera U.S. DVD

Also on the 31st, Roger's 1983 TV appearance in The Beggar's Opera is released on DVD in the U.S.

October 1995 (20 years ago)

New album releases: Tragic Kingdom - No Doubt; Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - The Smashing Pumpkins; Daydream - Mariah Carey; (What's the Story) Morning Glory? - Oasis
Teenage Wasteland: The Early Who book Teenage Wasteland: The Early Who book

Chris Welch's history of The Who Teenage Wasteland: The Early Who is published in the U.S.

The Hampton String Quartet Sympathy For The Devil CD The Hampton String Quartet Sympathy For The Devil CD

On the 17th, The Hampton String Quartet release their CD Sympathy For The Devil featuring covers of "Who Are You" and "See Me Feel Me - Pinball Wizard."

On the 31st, the band Phish continue their tradition of performing an entire classic rock album in honor of Halloween. This year they perform Quadrophenia at The Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois. A CD of the show is released in 2002.

October 1990 (25 years ago)

New album releases: Led Zeppelin [boxed set] - Led Zeppelin; The Rhythm of the Saints - Paul Simon; Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3 - Traveling Wilburys; Behaviour - Pet Shop Boys
The Junk Monkeys Five Star Fling cover The Junk Monkeys Five Star Fling cover

The Junk Monkeys release their CD Five Star Fling with a cover of "A Quick One While He's Away."

On the 18th, Pete performs part of his musical The Iron Man on German TV. The next day he does the same for Danish TV.

On the 22nd, Pete appears on the Showtime program Coast To Coast hosted by Herbie Hancock. Pete, Hancock and Pat Metheny perform "I Put A Spell On You" and "Magic Bus" and with Simply Red, "It's Only Love."

On the 24th, John attends the after-party for Billy Idol's performance at the Los Angeles Forum, held at the Hollywood Tropicana on Western Avenue.

Live at Leeds longbox CD Live at Leeds longbox CD

On the 25th, MCA releases Live At Leeds on CD for the first time in the U.S.

October 1985 (30 years ago)

New record releases: Greatest Hits - The Cars; Afterburner - ZZ Top; Listen Like Thieves - INXS; Picture Book - Simply Red

On the 1st, The Wall Street Journal writes an article on Pete's position at Faber and Faber. Pete says he feels bitter that The Who continued to perform after the Cincinnati tragedy and that he no longer respects the "young snotty Herbert" who wrote "My Generation."

On the 3rd, Roger holds an album release party for his solo LP Under a Raging Moon at Abbey Road Studios, London. Pete shows up to join in the festivities. The album hits the U.S. charts on the 12th.

After The Fire UK ad After The Fire UK ad

On the 5th, Roger's solo single, the Pete-penned "After the Fire" backed with "It Don't Satisfy Me" hits the U.K. charts. It will peak at #50.

The Who Collection cover The Who Collection cover

Also on the 12th, another Who "best-of" collection, aptly named The Who Collection, hits the charts in Britain. The double LP and CD set is digitally remastered and is marketed on television. It peaks at #44.

In The Music Paper and in Music Express, Pete says he might work again in the future with Roger on some project and that he is again working on Lifehouse.

Pete performs with his new solo band Deep End in their television debut on the British show The Tube. Pete also visits ABC-TV's (U.S.) morning show Good Morning America during this month.

In an interview in Spin magazine, Keith Richard compares Pete to Alfred Hitchcock: "Townshend made better Who records than the Who did together. He used to go there with the album already finished, and the rest would come up with some dubs, but his was ten times better than the finished record. It was just a matter of them imitating what Peter had already laid out. Kinda Hitchcockish. After doin' the storyboards, makin' the actual movie was a drag for Hitchcock. His whole thing was puttin' it all together."

TV listing for John Entwistle on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

On the 18th, John and his mansion Quarwood are featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The show contains footage of John playing with the first lineup of his solo band "The Rock".

October 1980 (35 years ago)

New album releases: Aerosmith's Greatest Hits - Aerosmith; The River - Bruce Springsteen; Kenyatta Mondatta - The Police; Boy - U2
Without Your Love UK picture sleeve Without Your Love UK picture sleeve

On the 11th, Roger's solo single "Without Your Love" backed with "Say It Ain't So Joe" enters the British charts where it peaks at #55.

Peter Weller and Pete Townshend Peter Weller and Pete Townshend

On the same day Melody Maker prints a joint interview with Pete and Paul Weller of the Who-influenced mod band The Jam. It is the first time these two have met. Paul's advice to Pete: "If you lot are planning to continue, then change your set!"

A Little Is Enough picture sleeve A Little Is Enough picture sleeve
Netherlands picture sleeve

On the 18th, the third single from Pete's solo album Empty Glass, "A Little Is Enough" backed with "Cats In The Cupboard", peaks at #72 in the U.S. Billboard charts. It reaches #89 in Cash Box.

My Generation LP Virgin My Generation LP Virgin

On the 25th, The Who re-release their long out-of-print first album My Generation in the U.K. It is identical to the original release with the exception of the word "Virgin" (the label of the new release) in place of "Brunswick." Bruce Malamut reviews it in Melody Maker and calls it a timeless classic. It reaches #20 in the British charts.

October 1975 (40 years ago)

New album releases: Tryin' To Get the Feeling - Barry Manilow; Rock of the Westies - Elton John; Shaved Fish - John Lennon; History: America's Greatest Hits - America

On the 1st, Keith Moon appears on John Peel's BBC Radio One show to preview side one of The Who's new album The Who By Numbers. John Entwistle appears the next day to preview side two. He says Pete's songs for the LP are so personal that he is unable to discuss them.

On the 2nd, Keith is interviewed by Marc Bolan on the London regional news magazine show Today.

The Who By Numbers UK LP The Who By Numbers UK LP

On the 3rd, The Who's first full-length studio album in two years, The Who By Numbers, is released. It gets strong marks from Roy Carr in New Musical Express who headlines his review "Once upon a time, Pete Townshend was young and full of hope. That was then." Chris Charlesworth in Melody Maker calls the album subdued. It reaches #7 in the British charts.

In the U.S. Dave Marsh in Rolling Stone says Pete has "pulled the fastest one of all, disguising his best concept album as a mere ten-track throwaway." Ira Robbins in Trouser Press calls it a "tremendous (albeit not their best) album." John Rowntree in Records and Recordings feels it will one day be considered a classic like Who's Next as does Steve Simels in Stereo Review, although he thinks "Blue Red and Grey" is the "worst thing they have ever committed to vinyl."

The Who at New Bingley Hall 1975 The Who at New Bingley Hall 1975
Photo: Chris Walter

Also on the 3rd, The Who begin their first U.K. tour in two years at New Bingley Hall in Stafford. Supporting them on this tour is The Steve Gibbons Band. For the first time in concert, Keith's drums are placed on a riser but it causes him problems hearing the playback. The set consists of greatest hits plus a medley of Tommy songs revived due to the popularity of the movie. In addition, "Join Together" and the new song "Squeeze Box" have their stage debuts. Quadrophenia is represented by four songs played out of order.

Also premiering that night is The Who's new laser light show. During "See Me Feel Me" and again during "Won't Get Fooled Again" laser beams of various colors are shot out over the band into the audience. Cost of the lasers; £70,000. There is some concern about them causing damage to the audience. John "Wiggy" Wolff, The Who's production manager, runs his hands right in front of the low-watt lasers for the benefit of the press to prove they are safe. Despite this the Greater London Council bans the lasers during The Who's forthcoming Wembley Arena shows.

Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey food fight Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey food fight
Photo: Robert Ellis

The Who return to New Bingley Hall the next night for a much better performance. Keith's riser is gone and the set is rearranged. Two Quadrophenia songs are dropped for the old standbys "Magic Bus" and "Summertime Blues." From there, they travel to Manchester to play the Belle Vue on the 6th and 7th. Backstage Keith and Roger engage in some rare mutual destruction by starting a food fight. The on stage work features the unusual event of a drum solo by Keith, the second and last time he would take one with the band.

Playmate of the Month, Roger Daltrey Playmate of the Month, Roger Daltrey

After this The Who take a short break from the tour so that Roger can promote his new film Lisztomania. On the 8th, he appears on French television. He also appears in a pictorial in Playboy promoting the film. Unfortunately he comes down with a chest fever and cannot attend the movie's world premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York. Due to the resumed Who tour he also doesn't make the movie's Los Angeles premiere on the 17th at the Fox-Wilshire. It is probably just as well. Reviews of this bizarre treatment of the life of composer Franz Liszt focus on the style of director Ken Russell and almost all are scathing. Despite its rock star cast, the movie fails to follow the box office success of Russell's Tommy.

Meanwhile the rest of The Who find something to occupy their time. John tapes a course on bass playing for the BBC. Since he then has no British home, Keith stays at the Londonderry Hotel. There he throws a non-stop party for a group of select friends including Peter Sellers, Ringo and Harry Nilsson. The party gets out of hand when a sizable chunk of plaster blasts into the adjacent room. According to Moon, he was just "trying to show Peter Sellers how to open a bottle of champagne without touching the cork. It involves banging it against the wall."

Pete is supposed to fly to India for a Meher Baba disciple gathering but postpones it until next February.

Pete Meadon 1975 article Pete Meadon 1975 article

On the 11th, the producer of The Who's opening act, The Steve Gibbons Band, is interviewed in Melody Maker. It's Pete Meaden, the Who's 1964 Mod guru who named them The High Numbers.

Also on the 11th, Keith does one day's recording on a new comedy album. He doesn't show up to any other scheduled recording sessions so producer John Walters cancels the project.

The Who's tour resumes on the 15th and 16th at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow. Both shows are not only sellouts, there is enough demand for tickets that The Who could easily have sold out fourteen shows and the venue's manager has to go on television to explain there are no tickets left to be sold. "However Much I Booze" from the new album is added to the set list.

Keith Moon in custody 1975 Keith Moon in custody 1975

On the 17th, The Who fly out of Glasgow Airport for their next stop. All except Keith that is, who is arrested after bashing a ticket terminal. He spends the night in jail and is fined the next day in court. As a result, British Airways refuses to fly any of the members of The Who to their shows and they are forced to hire a private jet.

The Who at Granby Halls 1975 The Who at Granby Halls 1975

On the 18th and 19th, The Who are at Granby Halls in Leicester. Another track from the new album, "Dreaming from the Waist" is added to the setlist. On the second day the end of a three-part overview of rock by Philip Norman is published in the Sunday Times Magazine. In his entry on The Who he says that Pete's best work predates Tommy and claims, "The Who are trapped playing aging music for the aging young." In response, that night on stage, Pete calls the Times staff "pricks."

Lisztomania Soundtrack LP Lisztomania Soundtrack LP

On the 21st, the soundtrack to Lisztomania is released. Rick Wakeman's planned "concept album" version of the soundtrack is turned down for a simple collection of songs and performances. The result does not chart in the U.K. and peaks at #145 in the U.S. Wakeman's version of the soundtrack is not released until 2002.

The Who at Wmbley Arena 1975 The Who at Wmbley Arena 1975
Photo: Robert Ellis

The U.K. is polished off with three nights at Wembley Arena (21st, 23rd and 24th). The first night features The Who's one and only performance of Chuck Berry's "Maybelline" during the closing jam and the second night has it replaced by Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" with Keith on vocals. The reviews of these shows are absolute raves. Charles Shaar Murray in New Musical Express says The Who make him feel "lighter than air" and John Woffinden in The Who fanzine Generations later reports that, "at the end of the night the man in front of me fell to his knees in prayer. It was that sort of night."

The European continental tour begins at the Sportpalais Ahoy Halle in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on the 27th followed by the Stadthalle in Vienna (28th), the Stadthalle in Bremen, Germany (29th) and two nights in Dusseldorf (30th and 31st).

October 1970 (45 years ago)

New album releases: Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin; Tumbleweed Connection - Elton John; Share The Land - The Guess Who; Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd

Dick Fontaine's film Double Pisces, Scorpio Rising, with a soundtrack by Pete and "Speedy" Keene, has its U.S. premiere at the New York Film Festival.

Thunderclap Newman Hollywood Dream LP Thunderclap Newman Hollywood Dream LP

On the 2nd, the Pete-produced Thunderclap Newman LP Hollywood Dream is released. Despite a #1 hit single, the LP fails to chart in the U.K. In the U.S. it peaks at #161. It will be the group's only LP release.

In Rolling Stone, Pete denies that he and Thunderclap Newman's John "Speedy" Keene are the same person.

Keith Moon in Chipping Norton bar Keith Moon in Chipping Norton bar

On the 3rd, Melody Maker contains the article "Moon over Chipping Norton" about Keith's part-ownership of country inn The Crown & Cushion.

The 1970 U.K. tour begins on the 6th at the Sophia Gardens in Cardiff, Wales. Pete drives to the date, as he will for all the dates on the tour, in his gigantic American mobile home. After parking, he walks to the show with his boiler suit under his arm, as he puts it, "like a local Welsh lad made good." After two years, John's "Heaven and Hell" is dropped from the beginning of the shows to be replaced by "I Can't Explain." The opening act is The James Gang featuring Pete's friend Joe Walsh. Long time Who roadie/tour manager Mick Double logs his first night with the band on this date. Norrie Drummond from New Musical Express catches the show and dubs The Who "the most exciting group in Britain."

From there it is on to the Free Trade Hall in Manchester (7th), the Orchid Ballroom in Purley (8th) and the University of Sussex in Brighton (10th). For the last date, The Who are joined onstage by Pete's then houseguest John Sebastian who helps them sing "Magic Bus." Michael Watts in Melody Maker reviews this show and has to admit that after a year and a half "Tommy really is getting a bit thin."

Who ad on cover of NME 17 Oct 1970 Who ad on cover of NME 17 Oct 1970

On the 9th, Track records releases "See Me Feel Me" backed with "Overture From Tommy" in Britain. Derek Johnson in New Musical Express says, "I've tipped it for a hit because it deserves to be one, but so many fans now own the LP, that this extract must be expected to miss out on a lot of sales." He is correct as the single fails to chart in the U.K.

It's a different story in the U.S. where Billboard reports that Decca Records' "Who Month" promotion has been a huge success with retail sales of Who records "far above" $4 million dollars. Decca's vice president of marketing and creative services Tony Martell calls it "unparalleled in Decca's history."

Stock copy of Young Man Blues single Stock copy of Young Man Blues single
courtesy: Joe Giorgianni

For further promotion, Decca releases a second single from Live at Leeds, "Young Man (Blues)"/"Substitute". A few stock copies are pressed before the single is cancelled for commercial sale and is distributed as a promo disc only.

On the 11th, at the Odeon Theatre in Birmingham, Pete introduces the audience to one of the co-authors of "Dogs, Part Two" and brings his dog Towser on stage.

The next show is a return to Leeds, this time to play the Locarno Ballroom on the 13th. Roger causes the postponement of the next two shows after he comes down with bronchitis.

Rock Collectibles auction ad Rock Collectibles auction ad

Who clothing and pieces of equipment are included in one of the first Rock collectibles auction at The Fillmore East on the 13th. The items include a pair of broken drumsticks, a shard of one of Pete's guitars, Roger's suede fringe jacket from the Isle Of Wight concert and a disposable lighter Keith had thrown away.

Roger and Heather Daltrey 1970 Roger and Heather Daltrey 1970
Photo: Barrie Wentzell

Sometime during this month Roger also finds time to marry for the second time. His new wife is the American model Heather Taylor. He later says they agreed to the marriage even after he explained that when he was on the road he "wouldn't be the Pope." Forty-five years later they are still married.

The Pete Townshend Page 17 Oct 1970 The Pete Townshend Page 17 Oct 1970

On the 17th, the 3rd "Pete Townshend Page" appears in Melody Maker. In "On the road again" Pete gives his impressions of life on tour.

The tour resumes at the Odeon Cinema in Lewisham on the 18th, followed by the ABC Cinema in Stockton-on-Tees (22nd), Green's Playhouse in Glasgow (23rd), Sheffield University (24th), the Empire Theatre in Liverpool (25th), Trentham Gardens in Stoke-on-Trent (26th), the University of East Anglia in Norwich (27th) and ends at the Hammersmith Palais in London (29th). Pete smashes his Gibson SG at the Hammersmith show and the crowd fights over the pieces.

Disc and Music Echo 24 Oct 1970 Disc and Music Echo 24 Oct 1970

On the 24th, Pete tells Disc and Music Echo that the Who's maxi-single is still in the works with the tracks "Water", "Don't Know Myself", "Postcard" and "Now I'm A Farmer". He says the tracks are from an abortive LP The Who had recorded which also included "Naked Eye" and "Heaven and Hell". He also talks about a new film for The Who and says the songs written for it are "The Note", "We're Moving" and "The Two Of Us." The article says The Who are toying with the idea of putting out a double album with each member controlling a side and that they are looking for a studio large enough to hold the occasional concert.

Meher Baba on the cover of Rolling Stone Meher Baba on the cover of Rolling Stone

Meher Baba makes the cover of the Rolling Stone as Pete pens the cover story explaining his devotion to the avatar.

In Creem, Pete says that the film of Tommy has been put on hold as he has plans for another Who film. On the 31st comes a Melody Maker article, "Who's cheap singles plan dampened." In it, record executives call Pete's plan for marketing cheap maxi-singles unfeasible. The format is popular in budget-conscious Britain but is unknown in America. Ultimately the maxi-single is cancelled after U.S. Decca refuses to release it.

October 1965 (50 years ago)

New records: "Get Off My Cloud" - The Rolling Stones; "Turn! Turn! Turn!" - The Byrds; "England Swings" - Roger Miller; "Ain't That Peculiar" - Marvin Gaye

Despite having been kicked out of The Who after his dust-up with Keith on 26 September, Roger is reinstated at the managers' insistence, at least until they can find a replacement. Roger keeps his fists in his pockets as The Who make a sullen reunion at the Dungeon Club in Nottingham on the 1st.

On the 2nd, The Who make their U.S. television debut on Shindig (ABC-TV) performing "I Can't Explain," "Daddy Rolling Stone" and "My Generation." The segments had been filmed in London two months before. That night they perform at the Agincourt Ballroom in Camberely followed by "The Twisted Wheel" Club in Manchester on the 3rd.

The Who date schedule 1965 The Who date schedule 1965

Three days later Roger and the band are stuck together as they travel to Scotland for a tour up north starting at the Kinema Ballroom in Dunfermline on the 6th, followed by the City Hall in Perth on the 8th. John spends his 21st birthday performing at the Market Hall in Carlisle.

The Who in Stockholm Oct 1965 The Who in Stockholm Oct 1965

The 10th finds The Who at Stockholm airport in Sweden to begin their two-day tour. Unfortunately, their equipment has been flown to Gothenburg for their second stop so the band is forced to borrow instruments from their opening acts The Moonjacks and The Mascots for their show at Johanneshovs Isstadion in Stockholm. The next night they rejoin their equipment to play two shows at the Cirkus Lorensbergs.

Back to London on the 12th for a belated birthday party for John. The next night at midnight, The Who go into IBC Studio A in London for a midnight session to record their next single. The final release version of "My Generation" is laid down as is another future classic, "The Kids Are Alright." The next day Glyn Johns makes mono mixes of the two songs plus the U.K. b-side to "My Generation," "Shout and Shimmy", that had been recorded in April. He also prepares the 2:42 edited version of "The Kids Are Alright" that will ultimately be released in the U.S.

At the same time, word begins to leak out about Roger's precarious position in the band. Variety reports on the 13th that "The Who lead singer Roger Daltry may quit the group".

Mike Shaw in 1994 Mike Shaw in 1994
Chris Stamp, Mike Shaw, Jack Lyons
Photo courtesy: Jack Lyons

On the 14th, The Who are back on touring schedule playing a skating rink in Cambourne. Before the next night's show at the Hillside Ballroom in Hereford, Who production director Mike Shaw is nearly killed in a traffic accident while driving The Who's equipment van. He ends up in a wheelchair. Future Led Zeppelin tour manager Richard Cole takes over as driver.

The Who at The Cavern 1965 poster The Who at The Cavern 1965 poster

The show still goes on at Baths Ballroom in Scunthorpe (16th), the Top Rank Ballroom in Southampton (20th), the Pill Social Centre in Milford Haven (22nd), Rhodes Centre in Bishop's Stortford with opening act The Flowerpots (23rd), the Carlton Ballroom in Slough (24th), the Trade Union Hall in Watford (25th), the Locarno Ballroom in Swindon (25th, obviously changing their minds that The Who were right for their ballroom after canceling The Who in April), the Starlite Ballroom in Greenford (29th), Manchester University (30th) and The Who's only appearance at The Cavern in Liverpool on the 31st.

On the 22nd, The Who appear on the BBC's Saturday Club playing "The Good's Gone", "My Generation" and "La La La Lies" from the forthcoming album.

My Generation UK 45 My Generation UK 45

On the 29th, The Who's new single, "My Generation" backed with "Shout and Shimmy," is released in the U.K. by Brunswick. Derek Johnson says in New Musical Express, "Analyse the ingredients for a hit and you'll find them all in this disc. A storming, raving shake-beat, with crashing cymbals, raucous guitar, reverberating bass and hand-claps throughout - and that's just the backing. The lyric is topical and loaded with teenage appeal, about the snooty approach of some adults to youngsters. Sung with verve, a strong blues feel and an occasional stuttering gimmick, with chanting supporting the soloist."

October 1960 (55 years ago)

New records: "You're Sixteen" - Johnny Burnette; "New Orleans" - Gary "U.S." Bonds; "Lonely Teenager" - Dion; "Perfidia" - The Ventures
Simon Townshend in 1970 Simon Townshend in 1970

On the 10th, 15-year old Pete gets another baby brother. Simon Townshend will go on to be a recording artist in his own right and will join The Who as additional guitarist and vocalist from 1996 to the present day.

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As always, thanks to
John Atkins,
Richard Barnes,
Kevin Berger,
Chris Charlesworth,
Alan Clayson,
Tony Fletcher,
Ed Hanel,
Gary Herman,
Joe Giorgianni,
Bruce Kawakami,
Matt Kent,
Max Ker-Seymer,
Karen Kimber,
Olle Lundin,
"Irish Jack" Lyons,
Dave Marsh,
Alan McKendree,
Joe McMichael,
Andrew Motion,
Andy Neill,
Scott Smith,
Christian Suchatzki,
John Swenson,
George Tremlett,
Richie Unterberger,
Dave van Staveren,
Mark Ian Wilkerson,
Stephen Wolter and all
the others who did
the original research
and provided the aid
that led to this page.

A note about photographs:
None of the photographs used
on this site are by
purchase agreement with
the original photographer.
I try to credit when I can
discover the name of the
original photographer but, in
most cases, sources in
newspapers, old copies of
Creem Magazine, and even some
Who books, do not credit
photographers. If you are the
photographer or represent the
photographer and you do not
want your photograph posted,
please get in touch a
nd I will remove it immediately.
This is a wholly non-profit site
(if you could see my bank account,
you'd know it's quite the opposite!)
established to provide an historical
overview of The Who.