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January 1986

New record releases: Greatest Hits - Alabama; Different Light - The Bangles; Tuff Enuff - The Fabulous Thunderbirds; "Addicted To Love" - Robert Palmer

On the 1st, MTV airs an interview with Pete conducted by Lisa Robinson on FM TV 85: A Year To Remember. The network also places Roger's Pete-penned "After The Fire" as the #62 video of the year with Pete's "Face The Face" at #80.

Quicksilver Lightning picture sleeve Quicksilver Lightning picture sleeve

On the 6th, the theme song to the movie "Quicksilver Lightning," sung by Roger backed by Giorgio Moroder, is released in the U.S. The b-side is "Love Me Like You Do." The soundtrack LP is released on the 20th. The single does not make the charts but the LP peaks at #140.

The King Biscuit Flower Hour airs Roger's Boston concert from December in two parts in the first two weeks of the month followed by a two part airing of Pete's Brixton concert from November.

On the 11th, Roger's single "Let Me Down Easy" reaches its U.S. chart peak in Billboard at #86.

Glitter Band Live at the Marquee Glitter Band Live at the Marquee

The Glitter Band releases their album Live At The Marquee with cover versions of both "Substitute" and "The Kids Are Alright."

On the 22nd, Pete's White City - A Novel is certified gold for sales in the U.S. by the RIAA.

On the 24th, "Face The Face" is featured in an episode of Miami Vice ("One Way Ticket").

Backstage at AMA 1986 Backstage at AMA 1986

On the 27th, Pete appears via videotape to congratulate Paul McCartney on winning an Award Of Merit on the American Music Awards. Roger appears live via satellite on the same show to present an award to Bob Geldof.

Pete Townshend at 12:51, Roger Daltrey at 47:05
29 Jan 1986 Pete ticket 29 Jan 1986

On the 29th, Pete takes his Deep End band to Midem, Cannes performing for the annual trade show. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd plays back up guitar. The show is later broadcast on the show Rockpalast.

February 1986

New record releases: Control - Janet Jackson; The Ultimate Sin - Ozzy Osbourne; Whoever's in New England - Reba McEntire; "Kiss" - Prince and The Revolution
Give Blood German picture sleeve Give Blood German picture sleeve

On the 1st, the second single from Pete's solo album White City, "Give Blood"/"Magic Bus (live)" is released. The 12" version also has "Won't Get Fooled Again (live)." The single fails to chart.

On the 4th, Roger appears on an MTV special about the making of the film Quicksilver Lightning.

On the 5th, 6th and 7th, an interview with Pete conducted by Lisa Robinson airs on Radio 1990.

Rolling Stone reports that Roger has started on another solo album and that in 1987 he and Pete will collaborate on a non-Who album. Pete later says that giving him the song "After The Fire" satisfied the need for them to work together.

Pete Townshend 1986 Colombian Volcano concert Pete Townshend 1986 Colombian Volcano concert
Photo: Matt Kent

On the 9th, Pete performs at a charity show with his band Deep End at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Deep End's bassist, Chucho Merchan, puts the show together for the benefit of the victims of a volcano in his home country of Colombia. During the show, Pete performs a synthesizer duet with his daughter Emma. Other performers are Chrissie Hynde-Kerr, Working Week and The Communards. The show is broadcast the next year on King Biscuit Flower Hour and Pete's performance of "I'm One" is also released on the video Super Rock Vol. 1 - The Colombian Volcano Appeal Concert.

On the 10th, Roger presents Tears for Fears with the award for Best Single at the BRIT Awards in London.

On the 15th, Pete's LP White City - A Novel reaches its U.S. chart peak at #26 in Billboard, repeating the position the next week.

On the 23rd, Pete plays with The Rolling Stones at a private party at the 100 Club in London. The party is held to commemorate the death of The Stones' keyboardist Ian Stewart. Together they play "Barefootin'" and "Harlem Shuffle." (Another source says "Harlem Shuffle" and "Little Red Rooster").

On the 26th, Roger appears on the British TV show Saturday Night lip-syncing to "Under A Raging Moon". Around the same time he is on the British show No. 79 lip-syncing to another of his solo songs, "Don't Talk To Strangers."

March 1986

New record releases: Master of Puppets - Metallica; 5150 - Van Halen; Rapture - Anita Baker; Guitars, Cadillacs, etc., etc. - Dwight Yoakum

On the 5th, Roger does a phone interview with BBC Radio One.

Under A Raging Moon German picture sleeve Under A Raging Moon German picture sleeve

On the 8th, Roger's tribute to Keith Moon, "Under a Raging Moon", hits the British charts. It is released in different formats including a double 45 EP pack with live cuts from 1985. It peaks at #43.

Pete donates a box of broken guitar pieces and a 12" acetate of "Lazy Fat People" to the organization The Samaritans to be auctioned for charity.

On the 22nd, a third single from Pete's White City album, "Secondhand Love" backed with "White City Fighting," is released in the U.S. It does not make the charts.

On the 25th, Roger appears on Howard Stern's radio show broadcast from London. Roger, Howard and Alan Parsons perform a live, impromptu, version of "Won't Get Fooled Again." Roger also calls in to the Mary Turner Interview Show, a Washington, D.C. radio program.

On the 26th, Roger appears on the British television show Driving Force. Contestants drive a selection of tanks and rally cars, race quarry trucks and fire engines, complete a car parking poser and then grand prix with forklift trucks. Roger and his partner, Barry Sheene, win.

April 1986

New record releases: New Kids On The Block - New Kids On The Block; Love Zone - Billy Ocean; Raised on Radio - Journey; Winner In You - Patti LaBelle
Roger Daltrey on Little and Large Roger Daltrey on Little and Large

On the 5th, Roger appears on the British TV show The Little And Large Show lip-syncing to "The Pride You Hide" and appearing in some comedy sketches.

Pete's solo album White City is released in the new compact disc format. Pete later reports that Rob Dickins, head of Warner Bros. Records in the U.K., stops pressing copies of the CD after 25,000 are sold, limiting the album's commercial impact in Britain.

Roger Daltrey gym Roger Daltrey gym

Around this time, Roger plans to open a gym in Brighton, Sussex called Daltrey's Fitness Factory. He buys £60,000 worth of top gym equipment from America, only to have it impounded in a warehouse in Felixstowe as a trade war breaks out between the U.S. and the E.E.C. The gym never opens.

On the 20th, while on vacation in Venice, Pete comes up with a track list for his next solo album, a light-hearted and colourful dance music album inspired by The Kinks' song "Come Dancing". The working title is Beguines, Tangos and Love. The album is to start with "All Shall Be Well" to be followed by Pete-penned songs "Foreign Language", "Join My Gang", "Ragtime in C", "Still Life", "Larry The Lonely Cowboy", "Can You Really Dance", "Love In Limbo Land", "Love Is An Emergency", "Your Kiss Is An Echo" and "The Roxy". Possible covers to be included are "Save It For Later", "I Put A Spell On You", "Boogie-Stop Shuffle", "That's All Right, Mama", "Barefootin'", "Night Train", "Cool Jerk", "Walkin'" and "Don't Let Them Drop That Bomb On Me". Each song was to inspire a video dance sequence and the whole project a televised stage musical. Pete works on the album until mid-June at least, then drops it to begin writing The Iron Man musical.

May 1986

New record releases: Top Gun/Original Soundtrack - Various Artists; So - Peter Gabriel; Who Made Who - AC/DC; The Final Countdown - Europe
Roger Daltrey at IMM Conference Roger Daltrey at IMM Conference

On the 8th, Roger is part of a panel at the 1st International Music & Media Conference in Montreux, Switzerland. The Bronski Beat and Mike Rutherford are also on the panel. While there, Roger also performs "Under a Raging Moon" and "The Pride You Hide" for the Montreux Rock TV show. It is aired later in the month.

On the 9th, Roger's solo song "After The Fire" is featured in an episode of NBC-TV's series Miami Vice.

The Pride You Hide UK picture sleeve The Pride You Hide UK picture sleeve

Roger releases another single from his Under The Raging Moon album in the U.K. "The Pride You Hide" is backed with "Break Out" on the single, includes "Don't Talk To Strangers" on the 12" and is also issued as a double single pack including those three and a live solo version of "Pictures Of Lily." It does not reach the U.K. charts.

Pete Townshend opens The Picket Pete Townshend opens The Picket

Pete officially cuts the ribbon opening The Picket, a studio for fostering young talent in Liverpool. He also donates recording equipment.

June 1986

New record releases: True Blue - Madonna; Invisible Touch - Genesis; Back in the High Life - Steve Winwood; Storms of Life - Randy Travis
1986 Amnesty Tour Poster 1986 Amnesty Tour Poster

Bono of U2 asks Pete to perform on a tour of the United States benefitting Amnesty International. The "A Conspiracy Of Hope" tour has its first show on the 4th. Pete lands in New York for rehearsals but has to fly back to England immediately when he receives news that his father has become seriously ill. He has to cancel his participation in the tour.

The Pride You Hide US The Pride You Hide US

Roger's solo single "The Pride You Hide" backed with "Under A Raging Moon," both from his Under A Raging Moon LP, is released in the U.S. It does not make the charts.

The Kids Are Alright is released on video in England in the European shortened version. Monterey Pop is also released on video in the U.K. by Virgin on the 20th.

The Prince's Trust holds its 10th Anniversary concert at Wembley Arena. Pete was supposed to be one of the performers but again is forced to cancel to be at his father's bedside.

A British newspaper reports that Roger is considering immigrating to Australia. He tells the paper he thinks England is "going down the tubes" and feels his children will have better opportunities Down Under. Despite his remarks, he does not move.

Roger is also interviewed naked by a clothed Noel Edmonds while they are both in a bathtub on the British TV programme The Noel Edmonds Show. Roger says he misses The Who and Pete and that Bob Geldof had to use all his persuasive powers to get The Who reunited for Live Aid.

John Entwistle Roger Daltrey Water Club John Entwistle Roger Daltrey Water Club
Photo: Ron Galella

On the 11th, Roger and John travel to New York to cheer Richard Branson on to victory in the Pride Of Britain Boat Race. Afterwards, they attend a Virgin Records party at the Water Club in New York.

Neil Schon, Eddie Van Halen, John Entwistle NAMM 1986 Neil Schon, Eddie Van Halen, John Entwistle NAMM 1986

John then travels to the North American Music Merchandisers exhibition in Chicago to promote the new "buzzard" bass he has designed. He is interviewed by MTV on the exhibition floor, saying that he is currently writing a book about mythical rock star ancestors. While attending he jams with Eddie Van Halen and also a New York-based band, Rat Race Choir. Apparently John enjoys playing with the group as they end up forming the basis of his solo touring band from this point on.

Near the end of the month, Pete's father Cliff Townshend dies of cancer at the age of 69.

July 1986

New record releases: Made in U.S.A. - The Beach Boys; The Bridge - Billy Joel; Then & Now... The Best of The Monkees - The Monkees; Eat 'Em and Smile - David Lee Roth
Dance To Keep From Crying bootleg Dance To Keep From Crying bootleg

On the 4th, Bruce Eder in Goldmine reviews a new bootleg called Dance To Keep From Crying. Billed as a live recording of The High Numbers from The Marquee Club, it later turns out to be from a 16mm film shot by manager Kit Lambert at the Railway Tavern 11 August 1964. Roger sings all the songs with a low-pitched, gravelly voice. Eder, in his review, calls the band's performance "sloppy but savage." Part of the tape, synced to the film, appears in the 2007 movie Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who.

Pete Townshend Meg Patterson Pete Townshend Meg Patterson

Pete, working at publishers Faber & Faber, gets them to publish Dr. Meg Patterson's book Hooked? NET: The New Approach to Drug Cure and does some publicity for the publication in the press. Pete used her techniques to get off heroin in 1982.

On the 26th, The Flamin' Groovies record an entire album in one night at Glebe Studios in Sydney, Australia. Included is a cover of "Call Me Lightning." It is released the next year as the album One Night Stand.

August 1986

New record releases: Slippery When Wet - Bon Jovi; Graceland - Paul Simon; Dancing on the Ceiling - Lionel Richie; Silk & Steel - Five Star
Deep End Live UK video Deep End Live UK video

The videotape of Pete Townshend's Deep End: The Brixton, England Concert is released in short and long versions.

The Lamberts book The Lamberts book

Future British poet laureate Andrew Motion publishes his book The Lamberts – George, Constant and Kit in the U.K. The story of three generations, each artistically talented and each doomed to a premature death, earns the author the following year's Somerset Maugham prize. The section on Kit Lambert and his management of The Who features personal information unavailable in previous Who biographies.

On the 22nd, Roger talks about what it is like to be famous on the British television interview show Danny Baker On Fame.

September 1986

New album releases: Duotones - Kenny G; Third Stage - Boston; The Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby & The Range; Merry Christmas Strait to You! - George Strait
Paul McCartney Press to Play Paul McCartney Press to Play

On the 1st, Paul McCartney releases his album Press to Play that features Pete supplying lead guitar on the song "Angry." Paul later says he got Pete to play after finding that the power chords he had written for the song caused him to start windmilling when he played it.

Roger Daltrey WEA 15th Roger Daltrey WEA 15th

Around the 5th, Roger attends the WEA 15th Anniversary Sales Meeting in Hollywood, Florida. While there he performs "Wild Thing" with Atlantic Vice President Perry Cooper in a band containing Peter Frampton, Genesis, and 20 label staff members.

On the 6th, Billboard reports that Atco has released a promo-only EP from Pete's Deep End: The Brixton Concert videotape.

The Who Dancing in the Streets bootleg The Who Dancing in the Streets bootleg

On the 12th, Bruce Eder reviews The Who bootleg Dancing In The Street in Goldmine.

On the 14th, John's solo album The Rock receives its final LP mix at Westside Studios, London and is ready for release.

On the 15th, Pete holds a charity sale for his Double O Charity. For £25, purchasers get a ticket to a Sadler Wells' play and an invitation to a party afterwards at the Limelight Club.

Captain Beany Captain Beany

In imitation of the cover of The Who Sell Out, Barry Kirk sits in a bath of baked beans at Port Albert's Beach Hotel for 100 hours to set a world's record. Afterwards he is given the nickname "Captain Beany". He changes his name to Captain Beany by deed poll in 1991.

On the 26th, Pete attends the unveiling of the blue plaque for T.S. Eliot at Kensington Court Gardens along with Ted Hughes, Harold Pinter and Antonia Fraser. Pete was invited to the event by Eliot's widow, Valerie.

October 1986

New album releases: Every Breath You Take: The Classics - The Police; Whiplash Smile - Billy Idol; Georgia Satellites - Georgia Satellites; Can't Hold Back - Eddie Money

On the 8th, The Home Farm spills chemical fertilizer into the pond at Roger's Iwerne Springs trout farm in Dorset. The spill kills half a million fish and leads to a lawsuit that is settled in 1990.

Playing For Keeps poster Playing For Keeps poster

Playing For Keeps, a teen comedy, is released by Universal Pictures. The movie is directed by two brothers who get their distribution deal thanks to a star-packed accompanying soundtrack album including a new song by Pete, "Life To Life." The brothers had become friends with Pete when they ran concert promotion in Chicago during the 1970's. The duo, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, will direct no more movies but, as head of Miramax Pictures, will produce some of the most important movies of the next twenty years including Pulp Fiction, Scream and Shakespeare in Love.

Roger takes part in the "Sunday Mirror's Just Say No Show" at the Adelphi Theatre in London. Proceeds go to the Standing Conference on Drug Abuse to set up and staff drug rehab centers. Other performers are John Junkin, Robin Cousins, Gary Wilmot, Wayne Sleep, Alvin Stardust and Faith Brown. Roger and his band perform "The Pride You Hide" and Roger joins in the finale.

Chapel House Chapel House

Rolling Stone reports that Pete has bought Chapel House, a mansion in Twickenham that once belonged to the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. It is thought to have cost £750,000.

Chuck Berry John Entwistle ad Chuck Berry John Entwistle ad

On the 18th, John performs with Chuck Berry at the Felt Forum in Madison Square Garden as part of Berry's 60th birthday celebrations. John is in New York trying to put together a release deal for his new album The Rock that he has spent the last year recording at his mansion. John succeeds in finding a label with plans to release it in time for Christmas but the day the contract was to have been signed, the record company is raided by the F.B.I. and shut down. John continues to label shop.

Deep End Live Deep End Live

On the 25th, Pete's LP, Deep End Live! from the 1985 Brixton Academy charity shows, hits the U.S. charts and peaks at #98. Also released is a single "Barefootin'" backed with "Behind Blue Eyes."

November 1986

New album releases: Live/1975-85 - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band; Licensed To Ill - The Beastie Boys; Now That's What I Call Music! 8 (U.K.) - Various Artists; The Whole Story - Kate Bush
The Who Us Fan Club notice The Who Us Fan Club notice

It began as a notice on the back cover of the Happy Jack album. Nineteen years later the U.S. Who Fan Club officially closes on the 5th.

Pete's signature appears in an ad by OXFAM calling for a fast to raise concern about world hunger.

December 1986

New album releases: Life, Love & Pain - Club Nouveau; Hot, Cool & Vicious - Salt 'n Pepa; Mechanical Resonance - Tesla; Live Magic - Queen

The Who plan a one-off reunion concert this month at The Marquee in London. Just to be ready Who manager Bill Curbishley books them on a U.S. tour. When Pete hears about the U.S. bookings he pulls out of the Marquee show.

Pete signs a contract with Virgin to write a musical production of Ted Hughes' children's story The Iron Man. The sizeable advance allows Pete to gift himself with a Synclavier system and a new composition suite for his boathouse/recording studio.

The Little Matchgirl VHS The Little Matchgirl VHS

On the 26th, The Little Matchgirl, a video musical starring Twiggy and Roger, premieres on British television.

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