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August 2011 (5 years ago)

New album releases: Tha Carter IV - Lil Wayne; Tailgates & Tanlines - Luke Bryan; Watch The Throne - Jay-Z and Kanye West; I'm With You - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Roger Daltrey with Lotus Roger Daltrey with Lotus

On the 1st, the Daily Mail reports that Roger Daltrey recently drove a Lotus T125 formula 1 racer at the test track in Hethel, Norfolk. He reached speeds of 160 mph and his lunch almost went faster as he had to stop at one point due to becoming car sick. "Never eat a sausage before being thrown around in one of these." Roger was at Lotus HQ to inspect proposed designs for an Evora sports car 'pimped' out with Who logos. The car is to be displayed then auctioned online to benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust.

On the 23rd, BBC Radio Two has part one of a special with Pete Townshend discussing his history. Part two airs on the 30th.

On the 28th, the Mirror and Daily Mail report that The Who will be closing the 2012 London Olympics. The Who quickly deny it although apparently, minds are later changed.

August 2006 (10 years ago)

New album releases: Back To Basics - Christina Aguilera; Modern Times - Bob Dylan; Danity Kane - Danity Kane; Idlewild - Outkast
Kim and Ian McLagen Kim and Ian McLagen
Photo: Todd V. Wolfson

On the 2nd, Keith Moon's ex-wife, Kim Kerrigan Moon McLagen, is killed in a traffic accident in Eastern Travis County, Texas. That same day Moon The Loon, a play written by Chas Early (who plays Keith) and Martin Keady and partially concerned about Keith and Kim's problematic marriage, opens at the Edinburgh Festival.

On the 7th, site that had streamed Who concerts the previous month is taken down, collapsing from a combination of server costs, music rights costs and disagreement between Pete and Roger.

On the 8th, The Who's new EP "Wire and Glass" is listed at #58 in the German charts, #83 in Switzerland and #31 in Austria. On the 17th, it hits #39 in New Zealand.

Two Sides of The Moon Deluxe Edition Two Sides of The Moon Deluxe Edition

On the 15th, Robbie Basho's 1969 album Venus In Cancer is re-released on CD in the U.S. with quotes from Pete in the liner notes. A 2 CD Deluxe Edition of Two Sides of the Moon is also released featuring many of the outtakes from Keith Moon's various attempts at solo recordings.

Bargain Music American Born Bargain Music American Born

The group Bargain Music covers the rare Who B-side "I've Been Away" on their CD American Born.

On the 24th, Hamish at Pete Townshend's site says Pete has finished mastering the new Who album. Billboard announces the new Who album's title will be Endless Wire and it will be released Oct. 31 on Universal Republic.

August 2001 (15 years ago)

New album releases: 8701 - Usher; Come Clean - Puddle of Mudd; No More Drama - Mary J. Blige; Pull My Chain - Toby Keith
Quadrophenia Hampshire Youth Quadrophenia Hampshire Youth

On the 10th, Quadrophenia opens as a play adapted by Daniel Buckroyd at the Hampshire Youth Theatre, Nuffield Theatre in Southampton.

The same night Roger Daltrey is a guest on Bill Maher's ABC-TV program Politically Incorrect. Also during this month, Roger and his wife Heather appear on the Wolfgang Puck show airing on The Food Network.

On the 12th, Pete writes a letter to the Observer about an excerpt from John Strausbaugh's book Rock 'Til You Drop that dubs rockers performing past the age of 50 "colostomy rock": "The author suggests that what we write when young turns against us in later life. Maybe his 'colostomy rockers' sneer will come to haunt him in the shape of a bag worn at the hip. If it is me who has the privilege of wearing one, it will give me the greatest pleasure to empty the exquisite thing over his miserable head."

Instant Party bootleg Instant Party bootleg

Hiwatt releases a bootleg called Instant Party that contains a selection of the Who U.K. and U.S. singles 1965-1973 A and B sides.

On the 18th, VH1 premiers the horror anthology Strange Frequency hosted by Roger. Roger also stars in the first episode "Soul Man" with co-star James Marsters.

On the 21st, Out Of Phase releases the CD Who's Next 2002 with electronica dance versions of the Who's Next album.

On the 22nd, the Japanese Mod group The Cymbals releases an EP called Higher than the Sun featuring a track called "Keith & The Moon".

On the 31st, The London Evening Standard reports that Pete has waived the fees and allowed permission to stage Tommy in Maidstone Prison after several inmates wrote to him.

August 1996 (20 years ago)

New album releases: ATLiens - Outkast; Jock Jams, Volume 2 - Various Artists; 112 - 112; One In A Million - Aaliyah
Quadrophenia Japanese Tribute Quadrophenia Japanese Tribute

On the 1st, the CD Quadrophenia 1996 is released in Japan featuring fourteen groups covering Who songs related to Quadrophenia.

On the 5th, Scott Smith inaugurates the Odds & Sods internet Who chat group.

On the 7th, Robert Gass releases his CD Songs of Healing with a New Age chant version of "See Me Feel Me."

On the 12th, the first "best of" CD of the reissue series is released in the U.K. My Generation: The Very Best Of The Who eventually reaches #11 in the charts. The U.S. issue comes out on the 27th, does not make the Billboard chart, but does eventually go Gold.

On the 20th, Snuff releases their CD Flibbiddydibiddydob with a cover of "I Can't Explain."

On the 27th, Frog Records releases Frog Records Story Vol. 2: Long Island Artists featuring a circa 1968 cover of "Pictures of Lily" by Kyds at Play.

August 1991 (25 years ago)

New album releases: Metallica - Metallica; Ten - Pearl Jam; Brand New Man - Brooks & Dunn; Pocket Full of Kryptonite - The Spin Doctors

Roger begins working on his last solo studio album to date, Rocks In The Head, at Abbey Road Studios in London.

August 1986 (30 years ago)

New record releases: Graceland - Paul Simon; Dancing On The Ceiling - Lionel Richie; Look What The Cat Dragged In - Poison; Duotones - Kenny G
Deep End Live UK video Deep End Live UK video

The videotape of Pete Townshend's Deep End: The Brixton, England Concert is released in short and long versions.

The Lamberts book The Lamberts book

Future British poet laureate Andrew Motion publishes his book The Lamberts – George, Constant and Kit in the U.K. The story of three generations, each artistically talented and each doomed to a premature death, earns the author the following year's Somerset Maugham prize. The section on Kit Lambert and his management of The Who features personal information unavailable in previous Who biographies.

On the 22nd, Roger talks about what it is like to be famous on the British television interview show Danny Baker On Fame.

August 1981 (35 years ago)

New album releases: Tattoo You - The Rolling Stones; The Innocent Age - Dan Fogelberg; The Pressure Is On - Hank Williams, Jr.; Pretenders II - The Pretenders
Rolling Stone Sept 3 1981 Rolling Stone Sept 3 1981

John Entwistle is interviewed in Rolling Stone. He talks about Too Late The Hero, explains why he doesn't like Face Dances and says the only Who album he listens to a great deal is Live At Leeds.

Tattoo You LP Tattoo You LP

On the 24th, The Rolling Stones' album Tattoo You is released. It features Pete on backing vocals on the track "Slave".

August 1976 (40 years ago)

New album releases: Boston - Boston; This One's For You - Barry Manilow; Hasten Down the Wind - Linda Ronstadt; Spirit - John Denver
The Who 1976 Whirlwind Tour ad The Who 1976 Whirlwind Tour ad

On the 1st, The Who fly to Washington, D.C. and check into the Watergate Hotel for the beginning of their four-date "Whirlwind Tour." Their first two dates are at the Capital Center in Largo, Maryland outside Washington, D.C. on the 3rd and 4th. The group Law opens.

Slip Kid US 45 Slip Kid US 45

On the 7th, a 3:30 edited version of "Slip Kid" backed with "Dreaming from the Waist" is released in the U.S. Despite coinciding with the U.S. tour, it fails to chart.

Keith Moon with fan Aug 7 1976 Keith Moon with fan Aug 7 1976

Also on the 7th, The Who play The Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida. The promoter screws up the promoting and only 30,000 attend the 80,000 capacity stadium. Naturally, The Who are very angry and it makes for one of their best shows climaxing in a tremendous instrument smashup.

Who's News No. 1 Who's News No. 1

On the 9th, Who fan Ed Hanel puts out the first issue of his Who fanzine Who's News.

The Who Miami ticket 1976

Also on the 9th, The whirlwind tour winds down at Miami Baseball Stadium, this venue only 200 shy of a sellout. Another show is penciled in at the venue for the 11th, but it has to be cancelled after Keith Moon goes on a drinking and drugging spree ending with his arrest for destroying his hotel room at the Fontainebleau and being found in an incoherent state. Who manager Bill Curbishley bails him out but has Keith immediately put into Hollywood Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, Florida for "psychiatric evaluation." With the extra time, the other members of The Who remain in Miami enjoying the sun and some deep-sea fishing before heading back to London. Keith is released from hospital on the 19th and flies home to Los Angeles.

On the 23rd, Keith turns 30.

Louisa On A Horse 45 Louisa On A Horse 45

On the 27th, John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett's "Louisa on a Horse" backed with "Misty Mountain" is released in the U.K. by Track Records. Originally recorded in 1973, it features bass and production by Pete.

August 1971 (45 years ago)

New album releases: Who's Next - The Who; A Space in Time - Ten Years After; Barbra Joan Streisand - Barbra Streisand; Himself - Gilbert O'Sullivan

On the 1st, members of The Who attend the Bangladesh charity concert with George Harrison and friends at Madison Square Garden and jam with them at the post-concert party held at Ungano's.

The Who Saratoga Springs 1971 The Who Saratoga Springs 1971
Photo: Jeff Stein and Chris Johnston

The Who's U.S. tour continues on the 2nd at the Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, New York. For one of the first times, The Who's show is shown on closed-circuit monitors for the benefit of back-row patrons. In addition, two young American Who fans, Jeff Stein and Chris Johnston, are allowed to photograph the band from the wings.

Aug 3 1971 ad Aug 3 1971 ad

On the 3rd The Who play The Spectrum in Philadelphia followed by a four-night stand at the Music Hall in Boston (4th, 5th, 6th and 7th). The Who don't lower their sound for the small size of the Music Hall and, on the 5th, when people in the audience stick their fingers in their ears, Pete threatens to throw his guitar at them. By the 6th, Roger has had enough and demands on stage that Pete turn down. Pete refuses so Roger kicks over Pete's amps. One hits a roadie who has to be taken to hospital. Roger storms off and The Who finish with an instrumental set. Rod Stewart, Kenny Jones and the rest of the Faces cancel a planned jam with The Who during the encore.

On the 7th, The Who were to have played the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut but it is canceled by the local government due to the concert's proximity to a planned Black Panther rally. Instead, The Who play one more night in Boston. Labelle is the opening act on all nights except the 4th and 5th which is Mylon.

Aug 12, 1971 article Aug 12, 1971 article

On the 9th The Who play the War Memorial Auditorium in Rochester, New York, the 10th sees them at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh and the 12th at the Public Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to this show Pete is interviewed on WMMS-FM where he declares, "we've been careful not to preach and careful not to teach." On the 13th, The Who play the Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio.

Who's Next LP Who's Next LP

On the 14th, Who's Next enters the U.S. charts. It had probably been on store shelves there for up to ten days prior. John Mendelsohn in Rolling Stone calls it "intelligently-conceived, superbly-performed, brilliantly-produced, and sometimes even exciting rock and roll." Dave Marsh in Creem also likes the album despite what he calls weak points in some songs. Lydia Argyle and Ed Kelleher in Circus feel it should be put in a time capsule for future generations to marvel at. Despite its now classic status in the rock pantheon, Who's Next stalls at #4 in the U.S. charts. In the U.K. it does better when it is released on the 25th going to #1, the only Who album to top the charts in any country.

Who's Next Spanish cover Who's Next Spanish cover

In Franco's Spain the cover is declared obscene and replaced with a generic performance photo. The old boss' censors also eliminate "Love Ain't For Keeping" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" from the album lineup.

Also on the 14th, in the U.K., "Won't Get Fooled Again" reaches its U.K. chart peak at #9, repeating the position the next week.

Also on the 14th, Keith appears in a taped performance on Viv Stanshall's BBC Radio One program Radio Flashes. Other Keith appearances occur on the 21st and 28th.

The Who Southern Illinois U 1971 The Who Southern Illinois U 1971

The rest of the U.S. tour takes place at the Cobo Arena in Detroit (14th), the Metropolitan Sports Center in Minneapolis (15th), Southern Illinois University (16th), and three nights at the redundantly-named The Auditorium Theater in Chicago. John Swenson reviews the first night and says the volume was literally painful.

Denver authorities ban planned Who shows there on the 22nd and 24th because of a riot at a Jethro Tull concert the previous June and Mayor John Lindsay bans what was to have been a free Who concert in Central Park scheduled for the 29th.

So with nothing left to do, The Who fly back to London on the 19th. All except for Pete who is kicked off the plane for excessive inebriation. He gets a flight out the next day.

Pete Townshend Aug. 1971 Pete Townshend Aug. 1971
Photo: Chris Morphet

On the 21st Pete is interviewed in the New Musical Express and tells what it feels like to be the ripe old age of 26. He also gives a song-by-song analysis of Who's Next. A Pete interview appears in Crawdaddy where he explains what he meant by "Won't Get Fooled Again." In the same issue, John Swenson does an in-depth and very favorable review of John's solo album Smash Your Head against the Wall. John, meanwhile, spends his time off in New York buying a Gibson J200 acoustic guitar at Manny's.

On the 31st, Pete records the song version of Meher Baba's universal prayer "O Parvardigar." It is later released on the Meher Baba album I Am and Pete's Who Came First LP.

August 1966 (50 years ago)

New records: "Cherish" - The Association; "Reach Out I'll Be There" - The Four Tops; "96 Tears" - ? and The Mysterians; "Yellow Submarine"/"Eleanor Rigby" - The Beatles

On the 2nd, The Who go on vacation for two weeks. Keith, his wife Kim, John and his girlfriend Allison travel to Torremolinos in Spain. Newborn Mandy Moon is left behind with Keith's parents. Pete travels to Israel. Roger stays in London spending three days redecorating his apartment and the rest of the time fishing.

Who refuse to plug new single Who refuse to plug new single

On the 12th, Brunswick issues the second of their spoiler Who singles. "The Kids Are Alright" backed with "The Ox" comes out in Europe, reaching only #41 in the U.K. charts but #8 in Sweden. Derek Johnson in New Musical Express declares it "isn't The Who at their distinctive best. Set at a hectic up-tempo pace, with a shuffle beat and a suggestion of the surf influence, it also has a shattering twang sound."

In the same issue New Musical Express reports that the proposed deal for The Who's contract with Andrew Loog Oldham and Allan Klein has collapsed.

The Who 18 Aug 1966 ticket The Who 18 Aug 1966 ticket

On the 18th, The Who go back to work playing The Palace Ballroom on the Isle Of Man, the same ballroom Pete's father Cliff used to play ten years before. The opening act is Bob Miller and the Millermen.

On the 19th, The Who record performances of "I'm a Boy" and "It's Not True" for Ready Steady GO! at their television studio in Wembley. It airs that evening.

On the 20th, Billboard lists "The Kids Are Alright" as a "breakout hit" in Detroit.

20 Aug 1966 ad 20 Aug 1966 ad

On the 20th The Who play the Town Hall in Torquay followed by the Pier Ballroom in Hastings (21st), the Sherwood Rooms in Nottingham (23rd), the Orchid Ballroom in Purley (24th), the Dreamland Ballroom in Margate (25th) and the Royal Hall in Harrogate (26th).

On the 25th, the Radio Luxembourg Record Stars Book No. 5 is released with a feature on The Who.

New Musical Express 26 Aug 1966 New Musical Express 26 Aug 1966

On the 26th "I'm a Boy" backed with "In The City" is released in Europe. Reaction Records' ad for the single takes up the entire front cover of New Musical Express. Melody Maker's review says "Composer Townshend with producer Kit Lambert have gone to Spector-ish extremes, stirred with Brian Wilson, and topped the lot with pure Who. An exciting, deep, loud record with thundering bass and drums – and shattering enormous hit." It goes to #2 in the official U.K. charts but reaches #1 for two weeks in the Melody Maker charts making it the de facto biggest U.K. single hit for The Who. U.S. Decca holds up its release in the States hoping for a U.S. tour to support the single.

Meanwhile on the 27th, Billboard reports The Who plan to come to the U.S. in early September to promote their U.S. single of "The Kids Are Alright" and that a tape of the group performing the tune was rushed to New York for promotion on various TV shows. In the same issue, "The Kids Are Alright" reaches its U.S. peak on the Billboard charts, "Bubbling Under" at #106.

The 30th begins two days of recording at IBC Studios and Pye No. 2 Studio in London. During the sessions The Who record The Regent's "Barbara Ann," The Everly Brothers' "Man with Money," Martha and the Vandellas' "Heatwave" and the theme to the then smash hit TV show "Batman." The tracks are intended for a new album tentatively titled Jigsaw Puzzle. Kit Lambert produces and Paul Clay engineers. Also around this time, Kit Lambert directs a promotional video, similar to the earlier "Substitute" video, of The Who performing "I'm A Boy."

August 1961 (55 years ago)

New records: "Please Mr. Postman" - The Marvelettes; "(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame"/"Little Sister" - Elvis Presley; "Cryin'" - Roy Orbison; "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby" - Bobby Darin

On the 23rd, the avant-guard artist Gustav Metzger releases his third Auto-Destructive Art manifesto "Auto-Destructive Art Machine Art Auto Creative Art": "The immediate objective is the creation, with the aid of computers, of works of art whose movements are programmed and include 'self-regulation'. The spectator, by means of electronic devices can have a direct bearing on the action of these works." Metzger will shortly afterwards lecture at Pete's art college and his ideas will become a major influence on Pete's, and by extension The Who's, future artistic path.

August 1946 (70 years ago)

New records: "How Cute Can You Be?" - Frank Sinatra; "Choo Choo Ch'Boogie" - Louis Jordan; "To Each His Own" - Freddy Martin and His Orchestra
Baby Keith Moon Baby Keith Moon

On the 23rd, Keith John Moon is released to an unsuspecting world by Kathleen and Alfred Moon of 224 Tokyngton Avenue, Wembley.

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